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12 Facebook Trends For 2020

It’s 2020 and Facebook is still the most used platform by both consumers and marketers.

With over 2.5 billion monthly active users, it is one of the best places for brand advertising.

Despite the rise of new social media platforms, some more successful than others, Facebook is still holding up and going pretty strong.

Facebook Ads are still bringing a ton of revenue to businesses, Facebook Stories have become more popular than Snapchat stories despite Snapchat coming up with them, and Facebook Live earned publishers and influencers $50 million in 2018.

To prepare you for 2020, today we are bringing you a post about the 12 Facebook trends that will be prevalent this year, so you too can get ready for the features that will be especially popular.

1. Facebook Live
2. Desktop Messenger
3. Hidden likes
4. Facebook ad costs will rise
5. AR and VR used in advertising
6. 360 ° photos and videos
7. Facebook groups
8. Libra, Facebook’s digital currency
9. Facebook Stories
10. User-generated content
11. Page customization
12. Chatbots

facebook trends 2020
Facebook | Source

1. Facebook Live

It’s no wonder that one of the most recent features Facebook has put out is still a huge Facebook trend.

Introduced in April of 2016, Facebook Live enables you to chat with your followers in real-time. While this may sound like an ordinary feature that brings nothing to the table, it is actually quite beneficial.

live videos on facebook - facebook trends in 2020
Live videos are a great opportunity to connect with your followers | Source

By giving you a chance to talk to your audience, Facebook is enabling you to show them that there are people behind the brand name.

The human factor is of crucial importance when it comes to both brand and trust-building, hence why so many brands are using social media to interact with their customers and posting funny comments.

Make good use of this Facebook trend and go live. What makes it especially attractive for viewers is the fact that there’s no script, so act as naturally as you can.

Say hello to them, read out their names and answer as many questions from your viewers as possible.

2. Desktop Messenger

In April 2019, Facebook announced that they will be working on a Messenger desktop version, that will include audio calls, video calls, and group calls.

This will give businesses another place to advertise on, so if you’re planning to run more ad campaigns in 2020, this Facebook trend will be the ideal place for it.

facebook messenger as a facebook trend in 2020
Facebook Messenger | Source

3. Hidden likes

Along with the popularity of social media has also risen social media addiction, negatively impacting the mental health of people.

If you know anyone who’s addicted to social media, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

People spend hours (and sometimes even days) planning and editing the perfect photo they’re going to post in order to receive likes and comments.

Another problem is the obsessive checking of other people’s profiles and their likes. People who ‘suffer’ from the fear of missing out are not having a great time on social media platforms.

Additionally, the quality of posts plummeted, because people like posts all the time without even looking at them. They see that one of their friends liked it, so they just assume the post is good and hit like.

This led to people making low-quality posts, because why would they try and come up with something unique if the low-quality stuff is getting tons of likes?

facebook likes in 2020 - facebook hiding likes in 2020 -instagram hiding likes 2020
Will hiding likes change this situation? Only time will tell. | Source

In order to fix this situation, Facebook and Instagram are deciding to hide likes from people’s profiles, so you cannot see how many likes someone else has. You’ll be able to see your own and that’s it.

Instagram did it first and in July 2019, they started testing hidden likes. In September 2019, Facebook told TechCrunch that they’re considering hiding likes.

If this comes true in 2020, the main Facebook trend will be the increase in post quality, visuals, and descriptions.

Influencers and brand profiles will have to start creating more quality content because people won’t be able to like whatever their friends have liked anymore.

Instead, they will be scrolling their feeds paying more attention to the content in front of them, which will have to be better if it wants alike.  

4. Facebook ad costs will rise

We already mentioned the popularity of Facebook’s Ads service, but let’s go more into the details.

EMarketer predicts that a huge number of 87.1% of US marketers will use Facebook marketing in 2020.

The reason for this is the fact that Facebook’s algorithm is amazing and targets people it knows will be interested in your ads.

But a huge number of marketers immediately means a lot of competition. In fact, there are 7 million advertisers on Facebook, and 85% of them have said that the rising ad costs are their main concern.

So, in 2020, be prepared for ads to get more expensive.

facebook ads - facebook ad price increase
Markets are getting more saturated by the day, hence the ad price increase| Source

5. AR and VR used in advertising

Virtual reality technology is everywhere nowadays.

Even for the people who cannot afford their own VR headsets, there are malls with VR setups, where everyone can experience this new technology for a small price.

AR, or augmented reality, is already used by everyone for free. Just think of Pokémon Go and how popular it was.

Both these technologies have found their use outside of gaming: they’re being used in medical training, helping people face their phobias, but also advertising.

In fact, they’re getting used so much, they’re a huge Facebook trend of 2020.

ar facebook trend - augmented riality - AR
AR getting used in medical purposes | Source

Do you know of any eCommerce websites that make trying products easier on people and send them to their homes, so they can try on glasses and clothes without the inconvenience of dressing rooms?

These two technologies are taking this a step further, making it possible for businesses to enable people to try on their products via their phones.

Do you want to know if that bag goes well with the rest of your outfit, or if those glasses suit you? Augmented reality enables you to try these on with maximum convenience.

We definitely recommend you follow the development of these two Facebook trends, so when they become big, you can be one of the first ones to utilize these cool new technologies.

6. 360° photos and videos

This Facebook trend was first introduced in 2015, and five years later, it is still popular.

Like VR, these videos are highly immersive, and you can interact with them and look around the video.

The National Geographic Facebook account posts 360° videos from time to time, here’s one of them.

When it comes to advertisers, this Facebook trend is a game-changer. You know how hard it is to capture the beauty of a product sometimes, especially if it has a unique and interesting appearance?

With a 360° video or image, people are able to look at the product from all angles.

Another thing you can do is take a 360° image of your store and give people a taste of what you’re selling, or take one of the storefronts, so people can find your business more easily.

7. Facebook groups

Here’s a Facebook trend from 2019 that is still going strong and becoming bigger by the day.

In May 2019, Facebook posted an article where they spoke about how much they cared about good user experience and the promotion of content they think is most relevant to users.

What this means is that the Facebook algorithm prioritizes content from pages and groups you’re active in.

Zuckerberg even said that ‘groups are at the heart of the experience’. The platform made the Groups tab easier to find and inserted Group recommendations in more areas of the app.

facebook group - facebook group as a trend - facebook trends 2020 - facebook trend in 2020
Create a Facebook Group to talk to your followers | Source

No wonder Facebook is so vocal about the importance of groups, they’re pretty useful when it comes to brands.

Unlike Facebook pages where everyone is free to post whatever they want, groups are more private and give you the opportunity to create a special and safe environment for you and your followers.  

Facebook groups are places where you can interact with people and talk to them about current trends and events. Don’t go too hard on advertising, the group should primarily be a place for chatting.

Show your followers that there’s a person being the brand and try to connect with them.

8. Libra, Facebook’s digital currency

The work on Libra started back in 2017 and the currency got officially announced in June 2019. The reason it still hasn’t launched is that Facebook still needs ‘appropriate approvals’ and to meet certain regulations.  

There was also criticism and opposition from central banks, as well as Europe and the US because of the fear that the currency will destabilize the current financial system.

However, Facebook is still working on it and planning to launch it sometime this year, so expect news about it.

facebook libra 2020
Facebook Libra | Source

9. Facebook Stories

We previously mentioned how Facebook Story became more popular than Snapchat Story, despite Snapchat coming up with the concept, but let’s look a bit more closely into this Facebook trend.

Facebook Stories presents a separate feed that features images, videos, and posts that are viewable for 24 hours. You can choose who you want to share it with, be that your entire friends list or only a few people (you can select only one person, too).

In April 2019, this feature hit 500 million daily users, and this number continues to grow.

There’s a reason for this popularity: people don’t have the time anymore to scroll their news feeds for hours and hours. Instead, they’re browsing the Story feed for what in a way are highlights.

Rather than posting only on the news feed, make 2020 the year that your business makes good use of the Story feature on all platforms that have it.

facebook groups for you
According to Facebook, whatever you’re into, there’s a group for you.

10. User-generated content

User-generated content is not only big on Instagram, but it is also a huge Facebook trend.

Businesses have realized that posting photos of their loyal customers with their products and some text is the way to go. User-generated content tells other people that you care about your customers and their experience with your products, which helps build trust.

If you aren’t using this Facebook trend already, it is highly recommended that you start. Show the world how important your customers are to you through genuine and unique posts.

11. Page Customization

This Facebook trend may seem like a given and like it doesn’t belong on the list, but trust me, it’s absolutely worth the mention.

You wouldn’t believe how many times in a day I open a Facebook business page only to see the most basic page layout, sometimes even without a proper cover image.

Page customization is something that businesses often don’t even think about, but has a certain importance to it.

Use only quality images for your profile and cover pictures. What business usually do is use their logo as the profile picture, so it’s easily recognizable.

Make sure you include a call-to-action button on your page and don’t forget that you can customize your page’s tabs and rearrange them to your liking.

w3-lab facebook page
Here’s what our Facebook page looks like

12. Chatbots

Customer service has greatly evolved in the past few years thanks to chatbots. They’re used as personal assistants, they’re being automated to perform tedious tasks, and maybe most importantly, they’re used instead of people to respond to customers’ questions.

In 2018, Facebook had 300.000 active Messenger bots, who are able to respond to questions 24/7 and save you a ton of time and money.

If you implement a Messenger chatbot, it will leave you more time to spend on performing other tasks and improving other parts of your business.  

chatbot facebook trend 2020
Use a chatbot and stop answering repetitive questions.

Finishing up

Despite new social media platforms emerging almost every day, Facebook doesn’t appear to be going anywhere just yet. They’re constantly making changes and coming up with cool new features, all of which have been very successful.

Like every year, 2020 is bringing a number of Facebook trends, some old, some new. This year, old features like Live and Stories are going to be used even more, and some new things, like hidden likes and the Facebook digital currency, Libra, may happen.

What’s certain is that the ad cost will continue to rise, because of the ever-growing competition in advertising, and VR and AR will be used more than ever. Groups will become even more important, and we may even see the official Desktop Messenger release.

Hopefully, this article helps you prepare your Facebook profile and page for the upcoming months.

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