If you are not sure, most of the websites for small business have about 5-10 pages, but there are exceptions to the rule. A huge number of pages is not always a good thing, as it may negatively affect your website effectiveness.

Number of pages

How many pages do you think your website will have

WordPress website is an ideal choice for most of small business owners, as they can update and add new content themselves. HTML websites, on the other hand, usually perform better, thanks to their simpler work method. If you are not sure what’s ideal for you - go with WordPress, it is a safe choice.

Type of a website

Do you need an HTML website or a website with a content management system?

What does your company do

If you plan to sell your products online, then having an integrated shop page is a must-have. You don’t need a shop page if your business is only offering services, there are other, better solutions for that.


Will your website have a shop for selling your products online?

Not having a design ready is not a big deal, as we can always send you several design mockups to give you an idea how the website could look like.

Website design

Do you have a design in place for your website? Or maybe some other website you want your website to look like?

If you are the one writing the text content – great. If we are writing the content for your website, we’ll make sure to ask for input while writing it, as no one has a clearer vision about the message you want to relay to the world about your business than you do.

Text content

Who is going to write text content for your website?

The same applies here as it did with text content. Professional images can go a long way in improving your website legitimacy and authority – they have been made specifically for your business. But if you don’t have it, it’s not a big deal, we’ll buy the appropriate images in no time.

Image content

Who is going to provide image content for your website?

The blog page is a great tool to channel relevant traffic to your website and it’s our recommendation that you should have one.


Will your website have a blog page?


How many languages will your website have


Do you need us to design a logo for your website and business?


Do you have a deadline for this project?

Special features

Will your website have any special features?


How many products will your e-shop have?

Product images and descriptions

Do you have product descriptions and images ready?

Bear in mind that we can’t provide images for your products, that’s something that your team would still have to do.

Product images and descriptions 2

Who is going to write and provide descriptions for the products

Adding products to shop page

Who is going to add all of the products, their images and descriptions to the shop page?

Training session

Will you be needing a WordPress training session for your team (it’s free!)?

Basic search engine optimization would allow your website to be visible in search engines and gain some passive customer attraction. It’s a great way to give your business an early boost and we recommend this for all small business websites.

Basic on-site SEO

Will you be needing a basic on-site search engine optimization for your website?

We specialize in providing full service for small businesses looking to focus more on their digital presence and these services give an excellent returns on investment. If you are not certain about what any of these services actually mean, please consult our “Services” section. Or we can talk more about it during the meeting.

Additional services

Would you be needing any additional services from our marketing team after your website is deployed? (multiple choice)

Bear in mind that we can’t provide images for your products, that’s something that your team would still have to do.

Last question

We’re nearly there! Is there anything else you would like to add?