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Should We Focus More On Content Than SEO In 2020?

Imagine this: you have a stunning website, you write content for it daily and everything is optimized, but you just aren’t getting any clicks. If you’re putting content out there daily, it only makes sense that someone is reading it, right? Well, not quite.

Hours and hours of keyword research don’t mean anything if you’re not writing for the right audience, and knowing who you’re writing for, especially in internet advertising, is key.

So, today we will talk about the importance of both SEO and content, and see what their relationship will look like in 2020.

The importance of SEO

SEO this, SEO that. It is a term that we cannot escape. It is present in all aspects of online promotion, marketing, it is crucial when it comes to generating traffic and leads, all in all, it is quite important. Truly, it is the backbone of online marketing. But how does it work?

content in seo
Content in SEO

We spoke of search engine optimization in many previous blogs, so I will try to summarize it here. For your blog to get displayed on the pages of Google, it must first get ‘scanned’. For this sake, Google created a number of bots who crawl through your website, look at everything that is there (and I mean everything) and only afterward will your website get displayed in search results.

Since Google uses bots and not actual people for this job, because it would be impossible for people to look through and file about thousands of websites per hour, there have to be certain things that your website must contain in order for the bot to deem it good. Those things include how your website is made (if it’s easy to navigate), errors, responsiveness, the titles and descriptions of your posts, and maybe most importantly, your content.

Google’s ever-changing algorithm

Spam has been a thing since the creation of the internet. In the early 2000s, websites and blogs put out content that wasn’t reader-friendly and served only to generate clicks and leads.

People would write miles long articles that really had no other purpose than to be a place where they could put as many keywords and related keywords as they could.

google my business listings guide

The success was short-lived, though. In 2011, Google issued an update called Panda that ended spamming and keyword stuffing, which forced people to focus on the quality of the content instead.

Another thing that used to be possible before this update, which was link schemes. You know how you always hear that it’s good that your website has a ton of external links because they can help with clicks, build your brand and show legibility? Well, before the Panda update, people would manipulate their ranks by buying links and using them excessively. Imagine opening a website and it is 80% links to other websites. You would have to dig to find something useful, that is if you didn’t already close it because the very sight turned you off. Thankfully, Google put a stop to this, as well.

Aside from content quality and links, there are other factors that affect your ranking.

Responsive websites and page speed

Through recent years, responsiveness went from optional to must-have when it comes to websites. The reason for this is that mobile browsing is now so much popular, and the majority of searches are being performed on phones. In 2018, Google announced that they viewed responsiveness as an important part of a website, because of this very reason.

responsive web design
Responsive web design example – The Unleashed Groomer by W3-Lab

Google said that 53% of users leave websites after 3 seconds if they fail to load during that time. Similarly, 1 in 2 people expect a page to load in less than 2 seconds. Therefore, another thing that Google’s algorithm values are page speed. If your website provides a bad user experience, Google won’t rank it very high in the search results.

What will change about the content?

Quality content has always been valuable, but with all these changes, it will start to matter even more in 2020.

When I say quality content, I’m talking about posts that are written with the help of experience, posts that have opinions and predictions, posts that people will find interesting and will want to read the whole and not just scan through.

Sure, posts that have solutions to problems and answer questions will never be fully irrelevant, but posts that people will be able to relate to and that will teach them something, not only about the internet but also life, will be so much more important. Just like quality content will start to matter more on social media platforms (because they are considering the removal of likes), the same will happen everywhere else.

What should you write about?

Starting and coming up with topics is often the hardest part.

The most important thing is to be original and not to copy competitors. Research your keywords and see what’s trending right now. Looking at the keywords your competitors are using is okay, especially if their content is gaining a lot of likes, shares, and shares. Take those keywords and come up with a topic that includes them, but add your own twist.

Include your opinion on the topic, and if possible, make an educated prediction. Avoid generic topics. Keep in mind, readers first.

If you combine quality content with SEO, you will not go wrong. Well written articles that are structured properly, have all the relevant keywords, are about the topics people want to read about are the key to success.  

Final word

Google’s algorithm changes every year, but one thing is certain and isn’t changing anytime soon: users are the most important thing to them. Therefore, their algorithm will continue to value things that make the user experience better, such as quality content, page speed, and responsiveness.

Now to answer the big question: will content matter more than SEO in 2020? Since users always were and continue to be Google’s primary focus, we are probably not wrong if we say yes, quality content will be of a much bigger significance in the incoming years.

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