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Guerrilla Marketing Examples And Tips

Guerrilla marketing is a form of unconventional and usually low-cost marketing strategies used among large audiences. The term ‘guerrilla warfare’ refers to the tactic of military groups setting up raids, sabotages and ambushes, hence where the term for marketing comes from.

Using guerrilla marketing, brands surprise people and attract their attention, usually using low costs, and sometimes even none. There are three elements to it: the element of surprise, diffusion effect, and low costs.

This form of marketing is ideal for those who have just started their business and want to build their brand, but cannot afford to spend tons of money on ads.

So, in this article, we will focus on guerrilla marketing examples and try to inspire your own marketing campaign. Of course, if you have a larger budget, it won’t hurt to learn a little more about this form of marketing, because it can be useful for all sorts of businesses.

When it comes to guerrilla marketing, it is important to think outside of the box. You will need to find a way to attract the attention of your target audience. Usually, this type of marketing used to be used only in the real world, the streets and different places, but today we have the Internet. Through it, we can reach our target audience more easily and very effectively.

Great guerrilla marketing examples

This type of marketing revolves around creativity, so if you’re a creative person, you can achieve a lot for not a lot of money.

Our first example is the TV show The Sopranos.

Guerrilla marketing example No1 – The Sopranos  

Even the ones that have millions use guerrilla marketing.

Several cabs roamed the streets of New York with realistic plastic arms coming out of the trunk. Is there a better way of promoting a show about a mafia family?

Next to the arm was a black sticker that said ‘Sopranos’ in red letters and ‘only on HBO’ in white letters, as effective as the arms and very easy to notice. There’s no way that anyone who’s seen it was left completely indifferent, and the chance of people going home and looking the show up is very high.

This is what we want to achieve with our guerrilla marketing. We want to approach a certain audience, attract their attention and make them learn more about what we’re showing.

Selling a product shouldn’t be the only thing we have in mind when we’re doing an ad campaign or marketing. Sometimes it can be brand awareness or getting familiar with a brand. If you’ve just started your business and people aren’t very familiar with it, this way of thinking can help you a lot.

the sopranos guerilla marketing example
The Sopranos – Guerrilla Marketing Example | Source:
sopranos guerilla marketing

Influencers can spread your brand awareness very effectively, and there are numerous approaches to this. Here’s an interesting example.

ModCloth’s – The blogger who made her own fashion brand using guerrilla marketing and influencers

This blogger reached a huge audience using guerrilla marketing. She wrote about a number of things, but in one moment she came up with naming her dresses after famous influencers.

Every time she created a new dress, she would name it after an influencer. This way, those bloggers would include her in their posts and make their audience familiar with her designs and brand. She gained publicity faster than most people who were in the industry for years.

But she didn’t stop here. She created the campaign ‘Reflect Your Style’, where she invited bloggers to create their own designs that reflected their moods. I’m not saying that we should start making clothes with influencer names, this is just another good example that can inspire.

guerilla marketing blogger campaign example
Blogger of the moment guerrilla Marketing Campaign

More great guerrilla marketing examples:

zoo bus guerilla marketing example
Incredible guerrilla marketing example, isn`t it?

A bus paint job advertising the city Zoo in Copenhagen. Not only is it good art, but it is also a genius idea.

2012 movie guerilla marketing ad
Guerrilla marketing in movie advertising, why not?

This is an ad for the movie 2012, which was about the end of the world. The water looked so realistic that the passersby’s attention was immediately captured. Very unique and memorable.

guerilla in watches advertising
Guerrilla Marketing Example

This was a marketing strategy of the watch company IWC for their Big Pilot’s Watch. Not as big and flashy as the other ones, but still as effective. It gives you the option to ‘try on’ the watch, shows you what it looks like and gives you the name of it and the company.

coopspaint guerilla marketing example
Coopspaint guerrilla marketing

This is the building for Coop’s Paints. Because it is on a building, the ad can be spotted from miles away and the yellow certainly helps even more.

Internet guerrilla marketing

We’ve already mentioned that this kind of marketing doesn’t have to be used only in the streets and such. We also have the Internet, and through it, guerrilla marketing is much easier, but only if it’s done the right way.

For starters, we need to find a group of people who will be really interested in our product, which might be the hardest step. For example, if we’re selling t-shirts and our target audience are ‘students that like funny t-shirts’, we can gift a shirt to a waiter who works in a café that students usually visit, give one to an influencer that students are following, or post in Facebook groups or student forums.

The next step is marketing a product. In the example with the waiter, that is what we pretty much did. The options are numerous: we can go to a Facebook group and make a post where we’re asking about where we can find such a t-shirt and then ask a friend who is in the group to respond with a link to our shirt. People will be interested and look it up. But don’t do it multiple times in the same group, because people might realize what you’re doing.

There’s another, much simpler, option. You can simply go into a group, make a post telling people who you are and what you’re selling. In the beginning, this might not be immediately effective, but it is the more honorable approach.

GoldToe bull stunt

Definitely the funniest guerrilla marketing stunt I’ve seen. Overnight, the creators of the underwear brand GoldToe put a large pair of underwear on the statue of a bull on Wall Street. Many people took pictures with it and there’s no doubt they posted them on their social media, giving GoldToe even more publicity.


As you can see in these examples, guerrilla marketing can be extremely effective. Images of these examples are all over the internet, which only confirms its effectiveness, with hundreds of people posting and sharing their images of these unique and clever marketing ideas.

We hope that this article has inspired you so you can come up with your own amazing and eye-catching guerrilla marketing idea.

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