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How To Make A Great Banner Ad For A Limousine Service

Stefan and I worked on a display campaign for one of our limo clients, and it helped us learn a lot about this specific niche.

In the past two years, there has been the talk among marketers about how display campaigns aren’t as effective anymore and that no one clicks on banners, but we managed to accomplish banner success with a few websites.

banner ad for limo service
Banner ad for a limo service Source:

In this blog, I want to share with you all the knowledge I gained on how to make effective banner ads for a limousine service.

It will consist of four parts:

  • Marketing strategy and putting banners on important websites
  • Banner design
  • Examples of great limo service banners
  • Other important things that make banners more effective

Let’s begin with the most important one: Marketing strategies for limo service banners.

Banner marketing strategies

As previously mentioned, a lot of people have given up on display campaigns because they realized that people have stopped clicking on banners. There are a few reasons people stopped clicking them:

  • They realized that the banner was a false image of what was being advertised
  • The banner itself looked like a scam
  • It was appearing on irrelevant websites and as such was getting no clicks
  • The dimensions and the aspect ratio of the ads weren’t optimized for the websites the banners were appearing on

We will focus on the third point because it represents the core of the strategy of our display campaign.

Where will our banners appear?

Or, on which sites?

where will your banner ad appear
Where will your banner ad appear?

If I had to choose one thing that is the most important when it comes to display campaigns, it would be this one.

Choosing the right website for your banner is of utmost importance if you want it to be successful.

When we were working on the display campaign for the limo service, this was our train of thought:

  • Which websites do our potential clients visit?
  • What are their interests?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • What are they reading?
  • What are they watching on YouTube?
  • What kind of clothes are they purchasing and why do they like specific fashion brands?
  • And many other questions that helped us find our target audience.

What does your avatar look like?

If we had to describe an avatar, or an ideal buyer, in just a few sentences, it would look like this:

Our avatar drives a car worth a minimum of $100k. They are the CEO or the leader of a certain department in a company. They often go to conferences and travel a few times a month. The suits they wear cost more than $3k and their shoes are always immaculate. 

ideal buyer for limo service
Who is your ideal buyer?

Every year they visit the most prolific European countries: Germany, France, the UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria, and others. Because of frequent trips, they need a reliable limo service they can use when they arrive at a certain country or region.

They read business-related magazines, but their reading focus is on business reports and case studies because they want to improve their knowledge about the field they’re working in. Additionally, they love to read self-development books and the ones written by experts in a field.

On YouTube, they watch channels that will help improve the professional part of their lives, but also maintain the balance between the personal and professional spheres.

Ideal customer for your limo service?
The ideal customer for your limo service?

They drink only the most expensive whiskey on the menu, but they don’t have much time to enjoy it. Usually, they don’t have any time to lose and they efficiently use their time. Punctuality is their main characteristic, and when someone is late, they see it as a giant sign of disrespect.

Websites that target audience visits

There you go, in only a few paragraphs we made a rough draft of how our avatar lives, what they look like, how they act and what they read.

Of course, this estimation is not as detailed and precise because we spent half an hour on it. When it is time for you to find yours, you will spend at least a couple of hours collecting data and remembering your experiences.

where is your customer
Where is your customer online?

Why is this step important?

Because it helps us know to whom we want to show our banners.

Here’s an example: If we know which channel on YouTube they are most likely to watch, we know where to put display campaigns. If we know what websites and newspapers they’re reading, we know where to display our ads.

Algorithms and Google have advanced so much that they allow us to target people using any parameters, and it is in our best interest to use them.

who your target audience is
Who is your limo service`s target audience?

Get familiar with who your target audience is, how they use the internet and which websites they visit (because this is where we will place our banners) and tell Google where you want your banners to be.

Now that we know where we want to put our banners, it is time to move onto the next step, which is what a limo service banner should look like. We will talk about in detail what information it should contain and other important components.

Limo service banner design

From the work my colleague and I did, I will try to summarize what matters the most when it comes to creating a banner design for a specific niche:

  • The background shouldn’t be too complicated
  • There shouldn’t be too much text
  • The text should be simple and it should contain information
  • The banner should attract the eye of the clientele
  • It should contain a CTA button in the end
  • It should be of the right dimensions

The background shouldn’t be too complicated

Do you remember when we mentioned at the beginning of this post that the reason people aren’t clicking on banners is that the banners look fake and like a scam?

There’s a reason for that.

Ever since display campaigns on the Internet became a thing, people have been cramming as much as they can into a small image. This starts with the background. They think people will be drawn in by an ad if it’s colorful, unique and saturated, thinking the customers will find it interesting.


If you think about it, the only ads you click are very simple and elegant and tell you everything you need to know 2 seconds after looking at them. Uniformity makes people trust you.

When you are thinking about a background image, stop thinking about it. Use the theme color(s) of your brand instead.

Here’s an example:

ad banner example
Ad banner example Source:

As you can see, the website chose one color for their background, which is lime green. Also, this banner doesn’t look like a scam. It is simple and it attracts attention because it’s not yelling ‘look at me!’, in fact, it is quite elegant and subdued.

Here’s another example from the same company, but this one looks more packed:

another banner ad

The only good thing about this ad is that the background is more vector in style so it doesn’t look too bad. But personally, the first image with a one-color background looks much better, and I’m sure your target audience shares my opinion.

Therefore, when it comes to banner backgrounds for limo services: use one color (preferably your brand color).

There shouldn’t be too much text and it should contain information

Let’s use the previous two examples. They both contain not too much text, and there’s no unnecessary epithets, attributes and other things that can ruin a banner.

So, the text should be short. But sometimes it’s easy to shorten a message too much and not convey its full meaning.

Therefore, the second text banner rule for limo services is: the text should contain the full information.

If you have a discount going, make sure to include the date it ends. If it lasts during the whole year – include that, as well.

It should attract the client’s eye

You will achieve this using the two previous steps. Your clientele (the business people to whom every minute matters) will notice your ad that isn’t gaudy and is quite simple and elegant.

Add a CTA at the end

Lastly, add a CTA button after all the text. It should contain a word that presents a call to action. It can be: reserve, go, read more, book now, or something else that you think suits you more.

The CTA button is an extremely important weapon in marketing campaigns because it tells the person who saw your banner to use your service.

Make the color of the button different from the background, because you want it to stand out and be readable. And as always, don’t make it too flashy.

Use the right dimensions

There’s nothing worse than seeing a banner whose size doesn’t fit the website it’s on. I’ve seen dozens of them surrounded by tons of whitespace because their size wasn’t right. It looks awful.

Although it is nowadays extremely difficult to post a picture with the wrong dimensions because Google’s algorithm checks everything, it can still happen.

Check multiple times if the dimensions of your banner are of the correct size and dimensions.

2 more good and 1 bad limo service banner example

To make sure that you understood what I was trying to say with the 2 previously shown images, I’d like to use 1 more bad and 2 good limo service banner examples.

The example I didn’t like

don`t maker your banner ad like this
Don`t make your banner ad like this | Source:

This example contains everything I said you shouldn’t use in your limo service banners.

It’s true that the background is white, but the colorful text is so difficult to read. Also, it’s more fitting for a children’s party than a prom. When it comes to proms, I’d go for a more serious color, like black or deep blue.

Additionally, all three fonts are… Well, atrocious. They’re hard to read and there are too many font varieties. Honestly, it just looks like someone made the banner in 30 seconds.

Bonus tip: When you are choosing a font for your banner, use fonts that have proven to bring good results, and if you want to use multiple fonts, instead use the same one but with different qualities. Using the same font with different sizes or boldness can look really nice while having three different fonts can look like a kid made that design.

Two examples I really liked

Here’s an example of a banner than I really liked:

sofisticated banner ad
Sophisticated banner ad

This banner features a very elegant design with an interesting message: ‘Still Need A Stretch Limo?’. This ad is probably meant for the people who have looked at the stretch limo service on their website.

The CTA button is also great, the orange stands out nicely from the white background and black image and text.

Here’s one more example:

another great banner ad for limo service
Great banner ad for limo service

This one has a very interesting color scheme because the price stands out on the red background.

Bonus tip: If you want to make sure that your clients see something, put it on a red background. It is in our psychology to first notice the color red, as well as whatever is written on it.

Other important things that make banners more effective

If you clicked this blog to learn more about limo banners, you can stop reading here. But if you want to know more about how to amplify the effect of your banners, I warmly suggest you to keep reading.

There are two things you should include when it comes to banners: a search campaign (from Google) and social media (especially LinkedIn).

Search campaigns

Allow me to describe a situation here: your potential buyer saw your banner and is interested in your service. However, they are currently in a rush to get to the airport and they accidentally closed the tab where they saw your ad and forgot about it completely.

If you’re lucky, they will remember your website or the name of your business while they’re flying, and if you’re not, they will forget everything about you.

They will then look up limo services in the city they’re headed to, and Google will display your competitors. You just lost a potential client who was sure to use your service.

How to prevent this from happening?

Aside from the banner, also use a search campaign. A search campaign is the ads you see when you’re typing something on Google. Of course, in your campaign you will set up that the ad will only pop up when people search for certain keywords, so your conversion rate is good.

What do you gain by doing this?

When someone forgets the name of your company and when they google certain keywords, your website will pop up and they will click it. And because you used the same color of your website on your banner, they will realize it is you who they saw, then they will look around your website and book a limo to transport them from the airport to their business meeting.

Congratulations, you just gained a new customer!

Now you can see the power of a banner and a search campaign when they are used together. Not to mention that all of this goes through Google, which knows what people are looking up and what they need. Using both of these campaigns is much more beneficial than using just one, and it will definitely bring you more clients.

Social media networks

Let’s use the same situation.

Someone liked your banned, but they accidentally closed the tab where it was located and they didn’t have the time to look for it again.

They then need a limo service in the city you’re working in. And while they’re flying, they check their Facebook and look for a limo service with a Facebook page. Since you’re diligent and active on all your social media accounts, in 30 minutes you will respond to their ‘Hello, can I book a limo?’ question. This will delight them and you will gain another client because your social media was set up really well.

If you want to know more about limo service social media, we have written a detailed blog with 2k+ words and you can read it here.


In this blog, we spoke about how to make an effective limo service banner, but we also explained how you can combine display campaigns with search campaigns and a good social media presence.

On our blog page, you will find more posts related to marketing for limo services, so I greatly recommend you to read them because they contain a ton of useful information.

Thanks for reading!

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