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Do Google Ads Work For Local Businesses?

We’ve spoken about Google Ads for quite a few times, yet there is always something more to be said and more great uses and benefits.

Today, we bring you a post about Google Ads and if it works for local businesses, so let’s get to it.

What are Google Ads?

Launched in 2000, it is Google’s advertising service that has the PPC or pay-per-click model, where you pay for every click that you get.

The goal of Google Ads is to get more sales and leads, website traffic, promote your app and raise brand awareness and reach. Google Ads has an auction system, where different businesses bid on keywords, and the one with the highest bid wins and gets the first place on the search page. This is impacted by the so-called Ad rank, where Google makes a score of your website and bid and decides if your ad is front-page worthy.

Google Ads
Google Ads

There is a number of different campaigns on Google Ads: search campaigns, display network campaigns, video, and app campaigns.

Types of Google Ads campaigns

Search Campaign

This campaign is focused on the Google Search Network, which means that your ads can appear on search-related websites and apps. So, when someone is looking up, let’s say, pizza places, ads with pizza places that are near their location will appear in the ads.

They can appear on Google Play, Google Images, Google Shopping, and Google Maps.

Display network campaign

This campaign enables you to find the right audience and show them your product at the right time and in the right place. Through it, you can show people ads even before they search for something or show your product again to people who have already tried it. Meaning, it is good for both attracting new customers and getting the old ones to come back.

App campaigns

As the name suggests, Google Ads helps you promote your app on a variety of platforms: Google Play, Search, Display Network, YouTube and Discover.

Video campaigns

This campaign lets you show video ads on YouTube and the Google Display Network. Today, when videos are becoming more and more popular and are one of the most effective marketing strategies, this is a great way to attract more customers.

one of the most effective marketing strategies
One of the most effective marketing strategies

Google Ads benefits

Now that the basics are out of the way, let’s look at what Google Ads has to offer to local businesses:

  • Exposure – When people want to know any good places to eat in your city or town, you want them to see your business when they are searching, which Google Ads makes possible.
  • You only pay for the clicks that you get – If people don’t click on your ad, you’re not losing money, which is especially great for local businesses that are only starting off. You can invest a little money into it, look at the results, and if they’re good, you can keep doing what you’re doing.
  • Ad extensions – They are the most useful part of Google Ads. They enable you to add additional information about your product or service that is featured in your ad. This information includes call buttons, links, additional text, and a location.

Google Ads impact on local businesses

Now, this sounds great and all, but does Google Ads actually work? Let’s look at some stats:

  • A staggering amount of 86% of consumers uses the internet to find local businesses.
  • According to a Google Economic Impact Report, businesses make an average of $2 for every $1 they spend.
  • Remember when we mentioned Google Ads’s Ad Extensions? Turns out that 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from Google Search.
  • 63% of people said they’d click on a Google ad.
  • The top 3 results on Google receive 41% of clicks.

Success stories from the Google Ads website

Using Google Ads, Berwick Shellfish, a local restaurant supplier, got a ten-fold rise in new customers and over 250,000 page impressions in 12 months.

Decorus Salon, a hair salon, got a 75% increase in calls, 45% more appointments booked and a 1500% return on investment from the campaign.

google ads campaign for hair saloon
Google Ads for hair salon – Why not?

McElhinneys, who was an offline-only business for 45 years, decided to start selling household goods online, as well. Their choice was Google Ads, which brought them a ton of success: they got 84% rise in sales revenue, 63% better ROI than in the previous 12 months and €10 return for every €1 invested.


Google Ads seems too good to be true, but these stats and success stories don’t lie. It isn’t Google’s number 1 revenue source for no reason.

It has brought success to both global and local businesses and it can generate a ton of clicks, leads, ROI, and sales.

If you have a local business, what are you waiting for? Start your Google Ad campaign today and watch your customer number grow!

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