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8 Ideas For Your Email Marketing Strategy In 2019

Email marketing | Source

With around 3.9 billion active email addresses, email marketing remains a popular marketing strategy. Every day, more than 290 billion emails are sent, and experts expect that figure to rise to over 347 billion by the end of 2023.

We check our email accounts every day and open dozens and dozens of emails, but sometimes, we get one that is unique and succeeds to get us interested in an offer. These emails are part of email marketing, a clever and successful marketing strategy.

Email marketing consists of sending smartly crafted emails to a list of subscribers. What makes them smart is the fact that they’re designed for the person who is receiving them, with the goal of getting them interested in whatever is in the email.

  1. Email marketing vs social media marketing
  2. What makes a good email?
    • Personalization and dynamic content in email marketing in 2019
    • Email design
      • Colors
      • Graphics and images
      • Call-to-action buttons
      • Other important email marketing design tips
  3. Types of email marketing
    1. Welcome emails
    2. Promotional emails
    3. Post-purchase emails
  4. Examples of good email marketing

Email marketing vs social media marketing

The reason for email marketing being the most popular and effective marketing strategy is its high ROI, which stands for return of investment. For every $1 you spend, you can expect a return of $51.

Email marketing is even more effective than social media marketing, which is a really successful marketing type. Not only do more people have emails than they do social media, but the email marketing click through rate is much higher, and the ROI of social media marketing doesn’t even have an exact number.

The overall email open rate is 22.86%, while the email click-through rate is 3.71%. On the other hand, the overall social media engagement rate is 0.58%.

What makes a good email?

The first step is to think of your target audience because knowing them is key to any kind of marketing. If you already know who they are, their age, occupations, hobbies and interests, your job immediately becomes easier.

There a few things that you can include to make your email more interesting and likely to be opened:

Personalization and dynamic content in email marketing in 2019

According to many marketers, this is the most important part of any marketing strategy. Emails must be personalized to the reader. According to statistics, emails with personalized first few lines are 26% more likely to be opened.

personalize emails - emails design
Make sure you personalize the emails you’re sending to your customers | Source

Include your subscriber’s first name, since people are far less interested in reading emails that start with Dear Sir/Madam. By including their first name, you’re addressing them directly and your email stands out in the sea of emails, so they’re more likely to open it. But how does personalization work?

The way the subscriber data is used in an email is through dynamic content. Once you send out the same email to all of your subscribers, dynamic content adapts the contents of the email depending on the person, using scripts.

Dynamic content can be age, gender, name, but also location, purchase history, browsing history and so on. 

Email Design

text in emails
Don’t include only text in your emails | Source

Include an interesting design in your email. A nice image, pretty font and good use of colors can work wonders. Asymmetrical grids and overlapping elements are one of the web design trends of 2019 and are a striking and good design for both websites and emails.

• Colors

When it comes to colors, use the ones that work well with the color of your logo. A white background is a safe option, but if you have something more interesting in mind, try it out, who knows what could happen! Don’t be afraid to play around with colors, just make sure you’re not creating something that will be an eyesore to your customer.

email marketing example - email marketing design example
An email marketing example that features a great color palette

• Graphics and images

What makes emails great is the fact you can use graphics and even small animations to make them super unique. Whitespace and a small animation are a simple design, but simple goes a long way.

Next up: high quality images. If you’re promoting a product, make sure you’re using an image that shows it in the best possible light. And, when possible, include images that feature people, because this gives your company a human face, as opposed to only a logo and a name.

• Call-to-action buttons

Call-to-action buttons are what guides people towards competing a certain action, such as purchasing a product or using a service or trial. They are necessary on websites, but also emails that offer something to the person reading them, be it content or a special offer.

When designing your emails for your email marketing strategy, make sure the call-to-action button is big, visible and in a striking color. You can also surround it with whitespace, to make it stand out even more.

chanel email marketing - chanel email design
A Chanel email marketing example

I love this example because the design is simple and unique, and the call-to-action button is visible and stands out despite not being giant. Also, it seems like the ribbon is leading to it, which is pretty genius.

Other important email marketing design tips

Aside from the three aforementioned design elements, make sure that your emails are also responsive, since people use devices other than desktop. In fact, a staggering amount of 47% of people have stated that they use a mobile application for checking their emails, while 26.9% use desktop.

Additionally, make sure that the subject and title of the email are as short and accurate as possible, so people can know immediately what the emails are about.

Types of email marketing

There are also numerous types of email marketing, of which the following are used most often:

1. Welcome emails

Welcome emails are a great way of politely introducing yourself and your brand after gaining a new subscriber. Just like meeting new people, you want their first impression of you to be good and memorable, and emails are a great way of doing so.

You can also include a list of the features the subscriber now has access to, as well as all the types of emails they will be receiving in the future, such as promotional emails and sales. Here’s a great welcome email:

kate spade welcome email - welcome email example
A Kate Spade welcome email

What I really like about this one is the simple yet striking design and the fonts they used. The title script font works really well with the body sans serif text, and the orange and pink are a unique combination.

But most importantly, the business thanked their subscriber and told them about the emails they will be receiving in the future. Additionally, they included a special offer, as a treat.

2. Promotional emails

When speaking of marketing, promotional emails are the first thing we think about. If you are going to include an offer or promote a product, you can spice an email up with colors, images, jokes and maybe even a free product.

Don’t forget to mention the best features of the product and how it will benefit your subscribers.

promotional email example - apple promotional email example
An Apple promotional email

Apple does everything right, and promotional emails are no exception. In this one, they’re telling their customer about their newest product, the iPhone SE.

Note how the image they included looks super nice, showcasing the 4 different colors you can get the product in. And most importantly, they included its best and most important features.

3. Post-purchase emails

Post-purchase emails are sent out after someone purchases your product. They are a great way of showing how thankful you are for their purchase, and if done right, these emails can ensure that your customers come back to your site for another purchase.  

They can also be used for feedback, something that is always useful when it comes to creating a better user experience.

Here’s a great post-purchase email:

post purchase email example - shipping confirmation email design
Post purchase email example

Team Tradesy informed their customer when their order should arrive and they used a super conversational and friendly tone, which greatly contributes to the genuineness of the email. They even included a special offer in the end (also note the use of the customer’s name in the beginning).

Examples of good email marketing

Here are some great examples of email marketing that have good and unique designs and make great use of graphics and colors:

1. Airtable’s gallery promotional email

great example of email marketing campaign
An Airtable email marketing example

This Airtable email is an excellent example. They are promoting their gallery of templates in a modern and concise way. Lots of white space, a striking image and a call to action button on the bottom.

The white and blue take up the majority of the email and perfectly match all the other colors used for details. Look at their logo and the image of the gallery, everything matches, which very aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

2. Headspace’s special offer

headspace email marketing
A Headspace email

Take a look at this promotional Headspace email. They are a company that specializes in mediation and providing a calm and happier life to people and this email perfectly fits what they want to achieve.

The email is simple and the palette of the image they used doesn’t consist of stark colors. The only color that really stands out is the orange, the color of the hand and the call to action button. Their special offer is bolded and stands out from the rest of the text.

3. Airbnb and their survey

Airbnb Email Marketing
Airbnb email marketing

In this email, Airbnb is emailing a customer who has already used their service. They are asking for feedback, which the customer can provide via the survey. Notice how they thanked the customer and are saying how valuable their feedback is. This is a show of respect, which helps build the relationship between the brand and the customer. Also, they used their first name, an important part of personalizing emails.

Additionally, they said that the survey will take only 3 minutes, so people aren’t discouraged from doing it from the beginning. We’ve all seen and taken surveys that took ages to complete, so knowing how short it is definitely helpful.

4. 1 800’s post-purchase email

post purchase email
A post purchase email example

1800 Contact is a company that provides contact lenses. In this post-purchase email, they are letting the customer know that their order is confirmed. We all need assurance that our money didn’t just go into the void, which is why post-purchase emails are so important.

Additionally, we get the feeling that the company cares about us, which helps build the business – customer relationship even more. Like always, the call to action button is surrounded by white space, to make it stand out more. The footer includes their slogan and links to their social media, something you should definitely always include in your email marketing strategies.

5. Campaign Monitor’s reminding email

campaign monitor email marketing
An email from Campaign Monitor

This company actually specializes in email marketing, which is reflected in this email. It’s so simple yet so informative. Again, we have a white and blue color scheme, but here the background is blue while the call to action button is white. Still, it works perfectly.

The information at the beginning is super useful: if you open the email a few days after you started your campaign, it will help you remember exactly which benefits you are getting from their service. The footer includes other useful tools that can help you and links to their downloads.

How useful is this?

6. Postmates’ funny special offer email

postmates email
A Postmates email

Next up, a Postmates email. They are a food delivering service and have accordingly used two food related jokes at the beginning of the email. Jokes contribute largely to interest: after reading these and laughing, you will want to continue reading and see what else they have in store. And in this email, they definitely deliver.

They have not only included an offer, but have also subtly let you know that they have fast delivery, definitely the main and most important feature of any delivery service. And as always, the call to action button is separated from the rest of the text and in a nice and thin green outline, the same color as the word ‘order’.

7. HireVue and their goodbye email

hire vue email
Another great email marketing example

This is definitely the most clever and interesting one I’ve seen. It’s funny and it doesn’t take itself seriously at all, but it is still so very polite. Notice how they said they’d take the person off their emailing list in three business days, and didn’t force the person to go to their website and go through the trouble of unsubscribing by themselves? This is a pet peeve of many people that I know, so I’d recommend keeping that in mind when you are making your own way of people unsubscribing.

8. Headspace’s reward email

Headspace email
Headspace’s adorable reward email

Last but not least, another Headspace email and my personal favorite. In this one, they are gifting their customers a free code after they have been with them for a month. They are letting their customers know about the progress that they’ve made and rewarding them for using their service. Again, the colors and images are warm and calming, fitting for a meditation service.

Also, notice the use of emotion throughout the entire email: from the praise for the excellent job of meditating for a month to being a good friend and giving a gift to someone you love.

Wrapping up

We hope that these examples have been useful to you. Incorporate personalization, colors, graphics, images and good offers and send great emails to your customers today!

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