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Success Stories Of Our Clients

Here are 3 success stories of small business owners who came to our agency, each with a different set of problems, yet with similar (you guessed it, very successful) end results.

For the privacy sake, we will disclose general info about our customer (we’ve asked for their permissions), yet not go into any details, both for protecting their privacy and their business, as some of the information here can be used by their competitors to their advantage.

Their names have also been changed.

1. Anne (cosmetic salon)

Anne started from the bottom when opening her cosmetic salon in one of the bigger cities in Norway.

The first year was going steady, she increased her customer base, she kept her excellent quality of work (she began by only doing manicure, gradually introducing other cosmetic services) and then she decided to move to a bigger facility, allowing her to offer her customers a wider array of services.

She initially had trouble finding customers for all of these services (hair and face treatments, massage, makeup and so on), which put at risk her expansion into new a facility. She contacted us after a friend recommended us to her and we began working shortly after.

Anne was in a unique situation, even though her competitors had websites, she was very lucky that none of them paid enough attention to their digital presence and she is living and working in a town that has around 150,000 inhabitants.

We designed and developed a website that was conversion optimized (conversion means making a customer out of a website visitor), but we had trouble tracking conversions, since it was difficult to know which customer came to her salon thanks to the website or if they came via other means (word of mouth for example).

So we suggested and she accepted the introduction of a coupon which gave a discount, obtainable only if you have visited her website. That way we had the means of tracking conversion rates.

She took upon herself to handle the social media relations (and she did and still does a great job at it as well, I might add) and we started to work on the marketing campaign. We did both Google AdWords campaign and a Facebook ad campaign.

AdWords campaign showed that she could get around 1050 new visits a month.

Since we advised caution and not overextending her marketing funds initially, we began with a cost per click (CPC) of $0.20, expecting a conversion of around 10-12%, which would, in turn, cost her $2 for each new customer.

Conversion turned out to be even better, around 16%, allowing us to increase our CPC to $0.3. This meant that Anne paid $2 max for each new customer which walked into her salon.

On average, her customers spent $36 ($33 with the coupon) in her salon, so you can understand that she was very happy with that deal.

The Facebook campaign was focused more on brand awareness, with a basic $5 daily budget, reach was around 1200 people every day.

While initially worried in the first month, the numbers showed a steady 40% customer influx from her website. The number remained the same in the second month, gradually declining afterward to about 35% on the sixth month.

At the same time, she also enlisted us for SEO services, with blogging and backlinking as dominant means of increasing her domain and page authority.

We focused solely on her town, giving us an extra edge for placing her as a top result on Google. At this point, you may ask why is being the first result on the first page of Google important?

Well, the first page of Google gets 75% of traffic for all relevant keywords, while being the first RESULT on the first PAGE of Google gets about 33%. That means that being in the first spot for a certain term means you get the third of ALL traffic.

Now you see why was investing in SEO services a good choice for Anne because it allowed her to passively attract her customers through good SEO and no longer invest around $430 each month for advertising herself. (Disclaimer: she did continue with advertising her salon on Google and Facebook, but doesn’t invest as much now).

The end result is that she now gets around 10 new customers a day with our services, dominating the competition both online and offline.

She also has the best-placed website for all of the relevant keywords for her field of work, not only in her town but funny enough, in several others as well.


2. Peter (doctor of internal medicine)

Peter is an UCLA-educated doctor of internal medicine, with a 30-year-old practice living in one of the big cities in the States. While Peter has a reputation as a remarkable doctor, he has noticed a gradual decline in numbers of patients in his practice over the past few years.

He did have a website, but it was more than 10 years old, and he hadn’t been focusing his efforts on it at all in the past 3-4 years. Needless to say, it looked very dated and needed a complete redesign.

His friend recommended us (starting to see a pattern?) and after we found out more about his practice, we got to work.

We started by completely redesigning his website, from the ground up. Conversion capability and good optimization scores are always high on our list of priorities for any work we do for our client and Peter was no exception.

The redesign we did put his practice in 2018 so he could keep up with his competitors. The rest of the methods we employed were to get ahead of them.

Among one of the first things we added was a simple and elegant scheduling plugin, which would allow his patients to easily schedule a check-up online, giving another layer of options for his customers.

In terms of marketing, we began an AdWords campaign with the following results: 300 clicks for $310. With a conversion rate of about 15%, that meant that every new patient that came to dr. Peters’ office cost him just a bit over $6.

We’ve fine-tuned the campaign even further, by, among other things, placing his ad whenever his direct competitors were searched for.

Facebook advertising campaign started at $5 a day daily budget, for which it had an average reach of 1055 people and average CTR (click through rate) of 25 new visitors.

Of course, what was not factored in here is the awareness, because on average there were 4.6k people who were made aware of dr. Peter because they searched for an internist in his town (they are more valuable visitors, as they are already interested in the term they googled) and about 31k of people on Facebook who saw his ad.

In general, such campaign yielded very good results, with the average of about 55 new patients a month for dr.Peter.

We started working afterward on improving his website’s SEO. After 6 months of work, we’re proud to say that Peter ranks first for 3 out of 4 relevant keywords for his field, granting him the best possible passive customer influx there is.

3. Catherine (injury lawyer)

Catherine has been a lawyer for the past 15 years with her own law firm for the past 5 in one of the big cities in the USA. In her own words, since she started on her own she has always been struggling with finding enough clients.

She already had a website, it wasn’t that looking bad, to be honest, but it had several problems. First and a major one was that it lacked a lot of elements required for fulfilling its basic goal: converting visitors into clients.

The second on was that it had been remarkably poorly optimized, which resulted in many visitors leaving before the website was even loaded and in general – it had a poor user experience.

This time we left it up to her whether she’d want us to do a completely new website or redo the existing one. She chose the former.

This time, we did everything to make sure that the conversion rate is significantly better (and we are proud to say that the conversion rate for Catherine’s website is more than double of the industry’s average for injury lawyers, it’s 11%).

Then we dug into marketing. We started ‘small’, with an average CPC of $1 and a budget of $300. After calls started coming in, we’ve noticed better than anticipated conversions and Catherine soon doubled the budget to $600.

Pretty soon, she was getting 2 calls a day, which is more than enough for her to have a steady stream of clients all the time.

And there you have it folks, three very different people with the same problem. You can see from these three practical examples that having a strong website presence can truly transform your business, as keeping up with the current trends on the market will allow you to always be one step ahead of the competitors. You agree with us? Give us a call today! You don’t agree with us? Contact us and we’ll try to change your mind!

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