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New Facebook Design Effect on Conversions and Page Management – 2020 review

A new Facebook design appeared on September 1, 2020.

The users weren’t only dissatisfied, they even projected their dissatisfaction into a graver emotion: hatred.

Facebook’s announcement that this new design may become permanent only fueled the hatred. This is just one of the reasons why many consider quitting Facebook.

In this article, you will read all about the new Facebook design and the effect it has on conversions and page management.

Many consider quitting Facebook. | Image by Simon Steinberger from Pixabay

New Facebook design features in 2020

A New Facebook design is easier to read on a desktop and it has more white space.

But, almost every single tweet about the new Facebook design is negative, and negative comments are becoming an intense loathing.

These are some tweets out of many:

Let’s focus on the design and shake the negativity away.

How to get the New Facebook 2020?

At the top right hand of the page, there is an icon shaped in an inverted triangle that can replace the old layout with the new one. Once you choose the new layout, it stays permanently.

What has changed on the News Feed and the pages?

The classic Facebook design is no longer available.

Even though you can temporarily switch back to the old interface on Facebook’s site, the button warns that the classic Facebook is no longer available since September.

The new Facebook design was announced at Facebook’s developer conference last year.

In March it got a global release on desktop as an opt-in feature, with the option to keep using the old design if preferable.

But from September, the old design is a part of the past.

The new Facebook design differs a lot from the old one, it is cleaner, with more white space, and with a dark mode option for those who are into it.

light and dark facebook mode
Light and Dark mode on Facebook 2020.

From the aspect of functionality, a lot of attention is given to the service’s Groups features, and in its top navigation bar are presented links to Facebook’s Watch, Marketplace, and Gaming sections.

It seems that it takes a lot of work to do the update, and it won’t bring back any Facebook users who have quit the service in recent years.

In 2018, Facebook announced that News Feed would give priority to those posts that lead to meaningful conversations and interactions between people.

This means that posts from friends and family will be the highlights. But, higher in the News Feed, are page posts that spark conversations between people.

So, the posts that lead to discussions will be more active, even if they’re not based on original reporting.

The focus is on the local news so that you can be informed about everything happening near you. Local publishers are the links clicked on by readers in a close region.

This could be crucial, along with the influence of COVID-19 on local news publishers, people need to be updated on what’s happening in their region.

Therefore, many users will visit local Facebook groups that will inform directly on Facebook through these groups.

This could be the future of local news, through the platforms making webs of connections and with lower distribution costs.

This way, the monetization becomes a viable business option that can make this possible with upgraded live-streaming and content creators online.

Messenger icon

The Messenger icon is very small on a desktop and it cannot immediately be recognized.

You have to put an effort to notice it as the Facebook Messenger Icon. Maybe a letter “Z” and a little tail that indicates it’s a speech bubble will help.

facebook messenger icon - new facebook design - w3 lab
Facebook Messenger icon on desktop.

But this is not the root of the confusion with the new Facebook design. It is the idea that it needs a manual.

In fact, one of the frequently asked questions is should you read a manual to publish a Facebook post.

The frustration continues because it is not clear what happens when you click on Facebook icons such as the Messenger icon.

Facebook Group Icon

The New Facebook update 2020 offers the group icon that looks like a cat paw that will show a number.

facebook feed - facebook 2020 - facebook group icon - facebook new design - w3 lab
Facebook 2020 group icon.

By clicking on the cat paw icon you will enter the page that suggests many other groups you can join.

That brings confusion because a user doesn’t expect to see activity when he clicks the “group activity”.

If we understand something just by looking at it, we will be able to use it. Failing to do so invokes frustration.

It is understandable why many people didn’t like the new Facebook design.

Facebook Conversions

One of the most valuable things to digital marketers is the ability to see direct results and advertising costs corresponding to those results.

Within the last year, Facebook as a marketing platform has become plausibly the most complex and the most subtle way to track certain actions and target individuals by following those actions.

facebook - social media mareting
Facebook and Social Media marketing. | Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

The purpose of marketing on Facebook is to achieve results or conversions. Facebook pixel is the most effective and most rapid way to track conversions.

In case you have the Facebook pixel placed on all of your web pages, and by the use of URLs, it becomes easy to track conversions.

Using URLs to track conversions can be successful only if the individuals come to a confirmation page after finishing the wanted action.

After submitting the form, a new page will appear saying Thank You! This new page should be placed as the custom conversion URL, and once people reach this page, they made a conversion.

In this process, it is essential to use the right tools. Take into account that Facebook and Google Ads are essentially marketing toolboxes.

When you know how to use these tools, everything becomes a lot easier.

Proper tracking is a crucial tool to ensure who you are reaching with your ads.

The simplest way to waste money on Facebook is to advertise to those who are not planning to convert.

Facebook page management in 2020

New Facebook UI offers a CLEANER and CLEARER layout and makes the use of pages easier for those who operate them.

The idea is to make the use of pages less complex, especially now, since people are practicing social distancing and they choose to connect with their communities online.

By browsing their News Feed, page owners will establish a better connection with followers, and afterward, do a quick shift between their personal Facebook profile and the public-facing page(s).

Page owners will be able to more plainly manage admin access permissions on the ground of particular tasks.

This will be managed by an updated edit access screen, where owners can organize management tasks, such as creating Page content, create ads, send direct messages, reply to comments, and so much more.

Almost a year ago, Facebook announced that each Page will have an ad limit, decreasing the number of campaigns they run.

The restricting volume will prevent increasing costs and the performance will be up since the high volumes aren’t necessary anymore.

Now we have more info about the ad limits, that are expected to roll out between February and the summer months in 2021.

Last year, it was expected that just major corporations will be running more than 100k ads per month, which isn’t happening.

It is a fact that options like DYNAMIC ADS make the business run fewer campaigns, and therefore restrictions on ad volume make them more reliable and being approved faster.

Limits have never been fun, specifically when you have to scale.

If you want those extra ads, be careful, and don’t forget that you have enough time, at least until February.

Facebook ads in 2020 – what are the most common mistakes?

Here we will list the top 5 mistakes that people are making with their Facebook ads:

1. Not split-testing

TEST MULTIPLE AD SETS and multiple creatives, because you never going to know the answer unless you test them!

By analyzing the data and insights, you can see which ad set is performing and kill the one that is not.

Therefore, add more budget to those ad sets that are performing. The same goes with creatives, you just don’t look at one photo, you look at multiple photos, multiple styles of photos, and multiple video types.

Once you find the ads that are converting you are going to pop more budget into those ads.

Try to look from the user’s perspective and ask yourself, if this ad landed on my phone, on my Instagram page, on my Facebook Feed, would I click on it?

You should use a quality test to make sure you would click on it before someone else clicks on your ad.

2. Not driving traffic to an optimized location

Allow us to explain what happens when people get sent to a website.

They have endless decisions, analysis paralysis, and they end up taking no action. They just don’t make a decision and they never convert.

With your Facebook ads, you want to make sure you are driving them to funnels.

You can use click funnels from your Facebook ads and that way you can drive them to take just one specific action, and in that case, there is only one option for them – to take that action.

That is how you are going to see a massive increase in your conversion, but you have to make sure that wherever you send the traffic, it is optimized to give you the best conversion.

3. Not understanding a funnel

We are talking about the funnel of the audience and the consumer’s journey. There are three funnels:

  • Top Funnel (75% of website traffic – cold audience)
  • Middle Funnel (22% of website traffic – warm audience)
  • Bottom Funnel (2-3% of website traffic – hot audience)

Many people are going right to the middle funnel.

You need to make sure you are warming them up.

Provide value first and warm-up that cold audience which will lead them to a warm middle of the funnel.

Once you’ve been able to target the warm middle of the funnel, you will be ready to use the next two strategies.

4. Not having the right marketing objective

Most people don’t understand the importance and relevance of each marketing objective.

marketing concepts - marketing philosophy - marketing objective
Marketing is ever-changing | Source

You need to make sure you are structuring it properly, as well as looking at what part of the funnel you are in.

The goal is to adjust the marketing objective based on where they are in the funnel.

You need to dive deep into understanding each one of them and tailor towards your target audience, what type of ad you are running, as well as what part of the funnel they are currently in.

5. Not retargeting

This would be like having your brand, or your business, service, or product on a big build board, on the side of a highway people are going to drive by once.

empty road - desert road - mountains in the distance
Don’t be on a highway people are going to drive on once. | Photo by Diego Jimenez on Unsplash

They will ultimately end up going elsewhere, to your competition, because they simply forget who you are.

After spending money on engagement, warming up the audience, and getting impressions, you need to make sure you section it off into costume audiences so that you constantly stay top of their minds.

According to statistics, people don’t convert into the 7th touchpoint, so if you drop the ball after touchpoint number 1, nobody is going to convert.


The new Facebook design differs from what Facebook has used throughout its history.

It is cleaner, focuses on the service’s Groups features, and offers links to Marketplace, Facebook’s Watch, and Gaming sections in its top navigation bar.

The idea of Facebook’s new UI desktop was to improve.

But, considering the avalanche of hatred and negative comments of Twitter and even Facebook itself, we can say that Facebook has many issues that it has to fix regarding the design.

Good thing is that the ad limit will prevent increasing costs and the performance will be up. Facebook Pixel made it easier to track conversions too.

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