Whether it’s a new position, a new look and feel or a better representation of their corporate identity, businesses rebrand to illustrate their decisions to change and attempt to re-engage their market. As companies grow and expand, multi-site rebranding becomes increasingly costly and complex.

By its very nature, a multi-site rebranding project typically involves a large property portfolio spread geographically either nationwide or internationally. This kind of project requires a balance of creative, strategic and technical expertise; a high-level thinking that ties the brand, marketing and property teams of an organization. Consistency is the key and high-quality implementation is integral to that brand’s new position, personality and preference in the marketplace.

Translating a brand identity into the built environment with consistency and brand integrity requires significant attention to detail. Add to this, the logistics of a supply chain required to deliver over national and international borders and where organizations rarely have the required expertise internally. A multi-site rebranding project has the potential to evolve from an opportunity to a risk.

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