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How to win with Facebook Ads for eCommerce in 2020

Despite the fact that the cost of Facebook Ads continues to rise, businesses are still using it.

The facts that Facebook has 2.41 billion active users and that Facebook Ad impressions continue to grow are especially attractive to businesses of all sizes.

At the end of 2019, Facebook estimated that there were over 140 million businesses using Facebook to grow, mostly small businesses, and that number will only increase in 2020.

facebook - facebook ads - social media tips - win facebook ads in 2020
Facebook | Source

Facebook Ads is also the favorite of social media marketers, and 93% of them use it (second most used ad service is Instagram’s, with 73% of marketers). The reason for this is the always improving Facebook algorithm that is getting better at targeting people every update.

If you’re a business owner or you deal with eCommerce marketing, here are 5 ways to be on top of your Facebook Ads game in 2020.

  1. Reach a wider audience
    • Expanding an existing audience
    • Creating a new wide audience
  2. Focus on prospecting
    • Ways of turning prospects into customers
  3. Purchase before everything else
  4. The importance of remarketing
  5. Ad content
    • Some tips regarding ad content in 2020:
  6. Conclusion

1. Reach a wider audience with Facebook Ads

You know when you’re first starting off with marketing so you have to narrow down the entirety of Facebook users into potential customers?

Finding your target audience is no easy work that can be done in a matter of minutes. It requires extensive research and the use of many online tools and different social media insight options.

In 2020, the Facebook algorithm does most of this work. With every update, it gets better and better at finding people that might be interested in your product and ads. By looking at people’s browsing habits, the post they like, the groups they’re part of, the content they post, the Facebook algorithm can exactly tell if they would be interested in your product or not.

There are two ways of reaching a wider audience

Expanding an existing audience

If you already have a target audience, you can expand it. The way to do this is by going to your ad set, selecting Audiences and finding the Detailed Targeting section.

There, you will see an option that says ‘Expand detailed targeting’. Check it and save your settings. Facebook will then take your budget and split it between your target audience and wide audience, and as the results of which audience responds better to your ads roll in, they’ll give it a budget priority.

facebook ads audience expand option - facebook audience expand - facebook ads audience
The option to expand Facebook Ads your audience

Creating a new wide audience

If you don’t already have a target audience or just want to try and see how the algorithm does by itself, you can create a new wide audience.

You can do this by creating a new audience and selecting the option ‘Define a broad audience‘ and let Facebook optimize who sees your products‘.

This process may take a while because the algorithm will be going through tons of data, trying to determine which people would be interested in your business and products. This option is great because it can help you discover audiences you didn’t ever think would be willing to buy your products.

Another great thing about it is that you can save time and exclude certain groups, like people who have already purchased your products.

creating facebook audience - creating new broad audience
Creating a new broad audience

2. Focus on prospecting to win Facebook Ads for your eCommerce!

Historically, prospectors were the people who would sift dirt and rocks in rivers trying to find gold. But what does this have to do with our article about Facebook Ads for eCommerce?  

In marketing, prospecting is a term that signifies finding interested customers in a sea of people, similar to the prospectors finding valuable gold.

In the sales process, there are two groups of potential customers: suspects and prospects.

suspects and prospects facebook ads
Potential customers are split into two categories: suspects and prospects | Source

Suspects are the people who would maybe be interested in buying your products but are not aware that your business exists. You can only suspect they would be interested, hence their name. When it comes to this group of customers, your goal would be to let them know your business exists and to get them familiar with it.

Prospects, on the other hand, are people your business has come into contact with and people who have exhibited some interest in your products.

In 2020, it is recommended that your Facebook eCommerce marketing strategy focuses on them. Once you run a marketing campaign for a wider audience, start working on turning prospects into customers.

facebook ads for ecommerce 2020 guide - convincing facebook ads customers
Convince your customers that your store is worth visiting | Source

Ways of turning prospects into customers

The most common tactic involves offering prospects free stuff, sales, free delivery and coupons, but there are other ways:

  • Compelling and interesting images capture attention. Avoid using generic-looking stock photos at all costs.
  • You can use jokes if they fit the nature of your business and products.
  • Video is the most powerful marketing tool and it can increase the conversion rate on landing pages by over 80%, so use videos to showcase your products.
  • Use call-to-action buttons to enable prospects to easily and immediately purchase your products
  • Post-user-generated content to show your prospects that you care about your current customers
  • Ad copy is extremely important for getting new customers, and for this very reason, we have dedicated a whole paragraph to it, which you will find if you keep reading.
videos are effective for facebook ads marketing - videos facebook ads marketing
Videos are extremely effective when it comes to marketing | Source

3. Purchase before everything else

In 2020, experts advise businesses to optimize Facebook Ads for purchases and not reach, views, clicks and so on. But what does this mean?

You can optimize Facebook Ads for a number of things depending on the result that you want. That result can be clicks, landing page or video views, but also website actions. One of those options is also purchase.

The reason for this is that the Facebook algorithm already knows which people are really interested in buying your products. These are prospects that spend more time watching your ads or visiting your pages and website. This way, the algorithm knows that they’re interested and will target them.

optimize facebook ads for purchase
Optimize for purchase primarily | Source

4. The importance of remarketing

If you aren’t already familiar with remarketing, it is the practice of showing a product to a customer again after they’ve viewed it.

Algorithms use cookies that are placed in visitor’s browsers when they visit a webpage, and that way, the algorithms know which products the customer looked at and spent the longest time looking at.

If there’s a prospect that was interested in one of your products but didn’t purchase it for whatever reason if you show it to them again, you can remind them about the product and maybe this time, they’ll purchase it. And who knows, they might become a loyal customer after that.  

If they check it out again but don’t purchase it for the second time, the algorithm will show it to them again afterward, because it is clear that they’re interested in the product, but every time they went to purchase it, something came up.

facebook advertizing - advertizing
Let your prospects know that your product is still available for purchase | Source

Because of this very reason, remarketing is a highly successful marketing strategy. When it comes to Facebook Ads, remarketing is especially effective. Statistics show that remarketing ads get 3x more engagement than regular Facebook ads.

Facebook has the Facebook Pixel, which is a code that you can include in your website’s code. It then collects useful data of your visitors, helping you learn more about them, which makes it very useful when it comes to remarketing.

So, in 2020, be sure to target your past customers and use remarketing, as it is highly effective.

5. Ad content

If you think that this advice is unnecessary and doesn’t belong on this list, allow me to change your mind.

How many times have you seen a really tacky Facebook ad, with ugly mismatched fonts and a design that didn’t make sense? Or even worse, an ad with bad copy?

Here’s an example of a really bad Facebook ad I saw on a website ages ago:

facebook ad example - facebook ad
Facebook ad example

Props to them for using a video, but why would you tell your customers that they can get rid of their ‘ugliness’? Even if this was a case of bad translation, the business should have absolutely paid more attention to their ad copy.

Now, here’s an example of a really good Facebook ad:

The image they used is original and captures the eye, and the contrast between the background color and the plates is executed well.

The copy is great. Note how personal it is (they’ve curated a box just for you!) and how confident they are in their service (best snacks in the world). Both of these helps convince the customer to try their service.

Additionally, they included a special offer, which, as we mentioned earlier, is a great way of getting new customers.

Some tips regarding ad content in 2020:

No two businesses are the same. Be it their marketing approach, their brand color, or their relationship with their customers, every business is unique in their own way. But there are some universal tips that every business can benefit from when it comes to Facebook ads for eCommerce:

  • Don’t be afraid to use bright colors, as they attract attention. Just make sure the design of the ad isn’t tacky and crammed with different elements.
  • Videos are a great way of getting new customers: they’re engaging and show more than images can.
  • Use user-generated content – people love seeing content past customers as it convinces them that your business provides quality service and products.
  • It is necessary that you include a call-to-action button in your ad
  • Carousel ads are a great way of showing multiple products or different angles of the same product
  • Name 1-3 benefits of your product
  • You can use a video to tell a short story and elicit emotions from your viewers

This concludes our last tip regarding Facebook Ads for eCommerce in 2020.


Facebook remains the biggest social media in the world and its ad service is still among the most used. The Facebook algorithm gets better at targeting people and finding interested customers with every update, which is why social marketers favor this platform over others.

To make sure that your Facebook Ad campaigns remain successful and effective in 2020, there is a number of things you can do.

Firstly, make sure to reach a wider audience, either by expanding your existing one or by creating a new broad audience. Also, it is important that you work on prospecting, as it is an important part of marketing since it helps convince potential customers to become customers.

It is suggested that you prioritize optimizing for purchase above all other options, as the algorithm is much smarter now and that you use remarketing, as it is a highly effective marketing strategy.

Good luck with your Facebook Ads campaigns and thank you for reading!

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