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How To Be A Good Social Media Manager?

Nowadays, being online is almost essential to having a successful business. Business owners are making websites where they can sell their products and services, but in order for people to find them, they have to be present on certain websites that their target audience uses, which are social media platforms.

Social media is a great way to promote products for free, communicate with your customers, and receive feedback, but none of this is possible if you don’t know how to properly manage an account. This is where social media managers come in.  

What does a social media manager do?

Social media managers are responsible for coming up with social media strategies and implementing them. The aim of these strategies is to increase the online presence of a brand, market their products, and increase their sales.

social media - youtube - social media manager
Social Media Manager Duties

They manage the content that is being posted on the profile and monitor the success behind social media campaigns. It is necessary they understand SEO and have great knowledge of all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

Learning about the business and the owner

Before we get to the actual information, there is a really important thing that needs to be mentioned first, and that is trust. In order to let someone manage the account of your business, you first need to be sure that they’re trustworthy.

If you’re a business owner, make sure the person you’re hiring is a professional and has at least a few years of experience, and if they don’t, ask for recommendations and look up their reviews.

professional social media manager
Professionals only!

If you don’t feel like you can trust them or if they just seem fishy or untrustworthy, that person is not the right social media manager for you. Same goes the other way around, if you don’t feel comfortable managing an account or if you know the owner is someone you don’t respect, don’t do it. This can only bring problems.

Choose who you work with wisely

I’m telling you this because of two reasons.

If you’re a business owner and are hiring a social media manager, there are people out there who, after they get angry because of something insignificant and you fire them (and rightfully so), can and will mess up your account and login information and lock you out of your own account. This is problematic for a number of reasons: you can lose customers and it can take ages to retrieve your account and fix whatever they had messed up.

On the other hand, if you’re a social media manager, your employer can claim you didn’t do your job correctly and try to weasel out of paying you.

Ask for all the information you think you will need

Username, email, and password are a given, because you won’t be able to log into any account without those.  Followed by those in the business owner’s phone number and email, so you can reach them should problems arise or if you want to ask them before you implement something.

Gather that info!

Having their phone number is great because you can always text or call them about the information you’re missing, but it’s better to do ask for all of it in advance because it shows professionalism.

Make sure to ask them about all the social media accounts they have and save all of that information somewhere safe.

Schedule a meeting

I would advise asking for their website or if possible, schedule a meeting, so you can learn all about their business. Aside from learning all about their products and services, this is also the best way to learn about their personality and preferred methods of communication.

Even though everyone is texting nowadays, live conversations will never be topped by anything.

Ask for their preferred method of communication

This is very important because everyone has a method of communication they like the most. Some people like texting, some like live conversations, while some prefer to speak over the phone.

Make sure to ask your employer how they would like to stay in contact with you. We already mentioned the significance of talking, but maybe they feel more comfortable texting or just don’t have the time to converse over the phone at all times.  

Use email

If your employer cannot decide on the method of communication they would like to use, recommend email.

Email is the best and most efficient form of communication. It is fast (typing on a keyboard is easier and faster than typing on a phone) and useful because it stores all your conversations. And not only that, but it also keeps all the documents that your employer and you have sent to each other.

email marketing
Email marketing

It is a great database, and you can also make folders and name them after the businesses you’re working with, and sort out your emails and make your life easier.

It also leaves no room for misunderstandings and people trying to claim they said something they absolutely did not.

Learn all about their business

It only makes sense to know what the business you’re working with is all about. After all, how will you manage their account and promote their products if you don’t know what they’re even selling?

As already mentioned, try to have a conversation with the business owner and ask him all about his business: what kinds of services and products they’re offering, what the products are, how they’re made, what their purpose is, etc.

This will make it so much easier when it comes to planning strategies, creating content, and finding similar brands to collaborate with.

Stay updated

Every week, try to speak to someone from the company. Ask them what’s going on, how the business is doing, and see if there are any changes that have happened that you need to know about.

Don’t rely on other people to call you, everyone has their own job and problems. Take the initiative and show people how professional you are.

social media manager
Stay updated and you will be a great social media manager!

If for some reason, the business changed their phone number, you will need to be the first to know about it, so you can change it on all social media profiles. If a customer tries to call a phone number and they don’t reach the business you’re working for, they’re just going to call one of their competitors.

We’re living in a fast age, and no one’s got time to waste, especially not customers. If they need something, they need it now. So, in a way, you’re not just a social media manager, but also an information center, so you must be up and ready at all times.

Stay active

Aside from managing the content that is being posted, some social media managers are also paid to respond to messages.

This is why it is important to be active and know everything there is about the business and its products.

If someone messages you asking about a product characteristic and you don’t know it, what happens then? You’re either going to tell them you don’t know, or you’re going to look it up and try to find out about it. During that time, they’ve already moved on and found another business that sells a product like yours.

Final word

Now you know all about how to be a great social media manager. Be open and communicative with your employer and ask them all about the necessary information you will need to do your job.

Use email, if possible, since it is the best way to communicate and because it stores all conversations and files. Make sure you’re knowledgeable about the business you’re working for and active on their social media accounts.

Thank you for reading and good luck!

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