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How to promote a party on Instagram?

If you came to this blog to learn how to fill a nightclub in only 2 or 3 days, scroll down to the paragraph ‘Promoting an event’.

But if you want to learn the right strategy for promoting a party, I recommend reading the whole blog. It’s a bit long, but I believe the knowledge you get from it will be very helpful.

Getting the audience excited for the party

The process of getting the potential audience excited should take at least 20 days, and it can be separated into 2 parts:

  • Getting people familiar with your club
  • Convincing your audience that your club is top-notch

1. Getting people familiar with your club

Maybe the reason your club isn’t full is that people haven’t heard of it. They don’t know it exists and what the inside looks like. They don’t know its story.

My advice is to do two social media campaigns: a ‘Get Like’ campaign on Facebook and an ‘Engagement’ campaign on Instagram. Your goal should be to let your target audience know that your club exists. Use a few ads in one of the campaigns and pay attention to the most effective one.

Here’s how to do it:

Get Like campaign

First, go to Ads Manager. Then click Create Campaign.

You will see the following window:

create campaign on ads manager ' promoting a party over instagram
Create Campaign On Ads Manager

The name of the campaign isn’t very important, but it is crucial that you select: Engagement -> Engagement type -> Page Likes.

Next, select your budget. My advice is to select the budget for the entirety of the campaign, so later you won’t forget to turn the campaign off.

Now select the length of your campaign and most importantly – your audience.

I advise you to target your audience in the following way:

  • Location; the city your nightclub is in
  • Age – 18 – 26 years
  • Interests: popular artists that you play in your club
target audience for party on instagram
Targeting audience over Instagram

The last step is creating the ad for promoting the party.

Add a picture of your nightclub and a text that says something like: “Have you heard of this New Club? Like our page and stay in touch with our posts!”

This is, of course, just an example. You should use whatever you think will be effective and fit for the audience in your city.

creating the ad for party promotion
Creating The Ad

Here’s another advice: make a few different ads inside of the same campaign (at least 3). Give every ad a different club picture and a text. This way you will see which ad is the most effective and which aren’t, so you can turn off the bad ones.

The aim of the first step: Everyone in your target audience learning that your club exists.

2. Convincing your audience that your club is top-notch

After those 10 days, now that you are sure that your target audience knows your club exists, you can start preparing them for the upcoming party.

The second step is more important than the first one because it affects how your followers see your club: is it boring, interesting, weird, awesome, do teenagers visit or people older than them, and so on.

Creating a positive mental image in your audience’s head isn’t easy, but I will give you some advice that will help you with this and will have a great effect on your club.

Get 5 of the best photos of your club where everyone is having fun, dancing, the ladies and guys all look great. This will make people think: ‘Wow, this club is awesome, everyone looks like they’re having the time of their lives!’

Afterward, start a campaign on Facebook and let those 5 images get advertised on social media for 10 days.

Pro tip: if you have good quality videos of a great party in your club, this will be even more effective. Videos are more effective in general, especially when it comes to parties where you want people to both to see and hear. Remember, you want your target audience to be fascinated with what they see.

Coming up with the theme of the party

After 20 days of the previous steps, you’ve probably begun to learn about your audience: what they like, what their age is, interests, gender… You’re starting to build an image of your target audience in your head.

Now that you know them better, it is best to make parties that you know they will like.

Would they prefer a foam party or a masquerade?

Do they like live music of some band or a DJ? If the answer is a band, would they play rock, pop or heavy metal music? If your audience would prefer a DJ, would they play pop, RnB or folk music?

Here are a few ideas for parties that can inspire you:

  • Foam Party
  • 70s Disco Party
  • 90s Rap Party
  • Black & White Party
  • Costume Party
  • Funky Disco Party
  • Shot Party (promo drinking shots)
  • Masquerade Ball Party
  • Smoking Style Party

Promoting the event

If you skipped the previous paragraphs and came to this one, it will work, but not as effective because it would be best to follow every step. Still, it will work, especially if you are in a huge rush.

This step is all about promoting your party on Instagram. In the first step, we made sure the audience learned all about us and that they got the desire to visit our club.

In this step, we are inviting them to our event.

Small advice: Don’t do this step if you know not many people will come to your club. It can help you to fill the remaining 30% if you already have 70%, but if your goal is to fill the entire club with this step – it can be very risky.

1. Make an image of your party in a few formats

Is it necessary to hire a graphic designer for this step? The answer is probably yes.

There are about 100 parties held in your city every week, so you will want to promote your party in the best possible way. So, I greatly advise you to hire a professional designer who will create a visual for your party.

You are going to need three poster formats:

  • One for the Facebook event
  • A square-shaped one for the ads on Facebook and Instagram
  • One for the Story (1080 x 1920px)

Here are a few examples of great posters that can serve as an inspiration for yours. They are great for promoting parties on Instagram.

promoting the music event over instagram
Source: Graphic design 4ustudio

2. Make an event on Facebook

Now that you have a visual by which your audience will know your club, it is time to make a Facebook event.

A Facebook event can be made in only a few minutes (if you already have your visual) and you need to add only a little more info. Take a look at the picture below:

maning a facebook event
Making Facebook Party Event

Fill in all the spaces, if possible. Choose the right category of the event, and select the host of the party.

Now that you’ve created an event, it is time for people to hear about it.

3. Make a campaign for a Facebook event and a post for your party

You have a great visual and an event on Facebook, now it’s time to run the ads and wait for the huge number of reservations.

At the page of the event, you will find the ‘boost’ button, using which you will, well, boost your event. It would be ideal if you selected the target audience that best reacted to your previously ran ads.

For example, if you got the most likes and follows from people between the ages of 20 – 24, then they should be your target audience. There’s a strong link between reacting to a post and going to that event. Try to ‘nail’ the target audience.

As I previously mentioned, don’t forget to run ads and post about your party. For example, a Facebook event cannot be promoted on Instagram, and most of the young people spend their time there nowadays.

My advice is to spend 30% of the budget on the Facebook event, and 70% on the posts about the party. Again, this is because most of your audience is spending time on Instagram rather than on Facebook.

Bonus advice: When you are boosting the post about your party, make another ad that you will use for the Instagram Story. According to the newest research, Instagram users look more at the Story section than the Feed.


You followed all these steps, prepared your audience for your party for about a month, then you invited them and reminded them of the event.

Now, there’s always a group of people that will scout out before entering the club. They always look if it’s too crowded, what the club looks like outside and around, are beautiful people entering the club, etc. You will need to try extra hard to attract this group into your club.

You will achieve this via 2 beautiful ladies who will stand in front of your club and approach those indecisive people. When they approach them, flash their smiles and offer to lead them into the club, the customers (especially the male ones) will be thrilled that 2 gorgeous ladies want to lead them into the club.

beautiful girl
Beauty is the key

This way, you solved the problem of indecisive customers who are always roaming around your club but never going in.

This can be your secret weapon in case there’s another club next to yours. Prevent indecisive customers from entering your competitor’s club and convince them to come to yours.

Bonus advice: actions

Other people promoting your party can be extremely effective.

You can organize different actions, where anyone that shares the Story with the visual of your party gets a free drink. Or you can ask your friends and family to do it.

influencers to promote your party
Influencers are great for party promotion

Additionally, you can name actions after drinks. For example, if you put on your visual that every bottle of Johnnie Walker will be 30% off, you can call your party something like Johnnie Party and match it to the whiskey.

Actions depend on your creativity, but I must warn you: this isn’t a great solution in the long run. They are useful to attract guests only in the short term. If you get them used to discounts and free things, chances are slim they will come back when those aren’t available.

So, be careful with actions.


Making sure your club is full every night isn’t easy, but it is achievable. Using the right marketing strategy, you will make an ordinary party into a special one to remember. People will be racing to get a table at your club. We also have an article about how to promote nightclub over Instagram you may find useful.

Thank you for reading.

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