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6 most creative websites ever

We previously spoke about what makes high converting and professional websites. They usually have conventional and safe minimalist designs that load fast and navigations that are super easy to find.

When it comes to these websites, there’s almost no room for stark colors and abstract designs, which can sometimes drive users away and increase the bounce rate.  

It’s usually digital agency websites that are fearless when it comes to breaking these conventions in order to flex their creative and website building skills, but there are also other businesses that are eager to be unique and stand out from their competition.

Today, we’ve picked 6 most creative websites that we’ve seen in the past few months and that we want to share with you, so you too can experience what definitely can be called works of art.

Let’s begin.

1. Longshot`s black and white unique website

This is one of the most creative websites I’ve ever seen, so I decided to start the list with it. Let’s look at what makes it so unique:

longshot creative web design - creative website design example
The Longshot homepage

Longshot is a business that deals with movies, music, and art. Founded by a filmmaker, the website is as interesting as their work.

When you click the homepage, the first thing you notice is the black and white theme and the vintage feel, reminiscent of the early and mid-20th-century aesthetics.

What I especially liked is the fact that the graphics move. On some of them, the animation is subtle and only the shading changes, but others have complete movements, such as the skeletons playing the violins and a man getting cut in half by a vinyl.

creative website animation - amazing web animation
The lizard has a great and fluid hand animation

Every animation presents a separate project and is clickable. After you click them, you’ll notice that they all have unique pages.

The black and white theme is broken by photos and videos in color, but they don’t look out of place. In fact, they liven up the pages with their high quality and great sounds.

great website design - creative website design and the composer
The ‘Composer, madman, and Budapest orchestra’ page

Despite the high-quality videos, the page doesn’t load any slower. I love how this is a very innovative website, but also performs perfectly.

2. The bear and his scarf

The next one on our list of most creative websites is a website dedicated to a story. Let’s look at the homepage:

very creative bear and his scarf website design
The Bear and his scarf homepage

It’s not every day that we see websites dedicated to stories, which is one of the reasons why I picked it.

Another reason was the sketchy art style, which tells us that we don’t need stylized and fancy graphics if we want a great and innovative website.

The last (but not least) reason I picked it is the little animations that occur on every page. I found the small scarf, ear, and feet movements extremely cute, as well as the falling snow.

story in web design
The 6th page of the story

The coloring and the colors are quite charming, and the transition between the pages is smooth. Another great example of a well-performing and innovative website.

3. Monokai Amazing Website

This website is, in a way, an advanced photo album, which is why it captured my attention. Let’s take a look:

monokai website homepage design - creative website homepage design
The Monokai website homepage design

The extremely minimalist appearance paired up with that shade of peach makes for a very unique first impression. What captured my attention though is the loading of the text, here’s an example:

transition in website design
The transition between the text

As you scroll, the background color changes and the text goes from grainy to crystal clear. But this is not all.

adjusting colors on website design
One of the photos, note the color of the lights and the color of the background

The choice of background color doesn’t negatively impact the photos. It actually perfectly complements them, showing us the skills of the photographer.

As you scroll further down, you’ll notice the color of the background change along with the city that was photographed. Kanazawa’s Kenroku-en garden’s radiant green hues are placed against a soft green, almost grey, background:

creative design for website gallery
Photos of the Kenroku-en garden

And the purple hues of the roots and leaves and the radiant green tones of the Yakushima rainforest are able to stand out on a soft pink background:

yakushima rainforest
One of the photos of the Yakushima rainforest

The masterful use of color, unique cursor, incredible photography, and smooth transitions definitely make for an amazing and innovative website.

4. Idôle by Lancôme

This website is for perfume, but don’t be fooled: just because it is for only one product, it doesn’t lack in any aspect. In fact, it’s definitely one of the most creative websites I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

Let’s take a look at the homepage:

the lancome homepage - creative website design
The Lancôme homepage

Doesn’t look like the most creative website in the world, right?

It’s a pretty pink background, but there’s more to this website than meets the eyes.

Here’s what happens when you click enter with the circular cursor:

 The Lancôme homepage
The Lancôme homepage

The story about the perfume is separated into 6 chapters and each of them has its own graphic that appears on the right and a uniquely designed page.

After clicking them, an animation will happen, opening the page of your choice.

Every page has its own layout and animations: some have spinning text, on some pages, the text moves from right to left, and some of them have large videos for the cases where photos don’t do justice to the perfume.

There are also parts where, as you scroll, the photos move. However, the page that stuck with me is ‘the juice’ page, and for the following reason:

amazing page deisgn - amazing website page desing
The Juice page design

On the left is the bottle and you have the option of clicking any part of it. Once you do, it shows you the ingredients that were used to create the fragrance.

5. Heschung Creative Website

This French shoemaker has a really interesting and one of the most creative websites I’ve seen in the past few months.

When you first enter their website, you might feel underwhelmed because of the extremely minimalist appearance, but the simplicity hides a really unique way of telling a story.

The Heschung homepage design
The Heschung homepage

Using a simple animation, they told the story about how their business came to be.

first chapter - website design
A screenshot of the first chapter

As the man makes his way towards his destination, he comes across a variety of different shoes. As he puts them on, it makes it possible for him to do different things and to overcome different obstacles.

For example, the first pair he finds helps him go faster, and the ski boots help him make his descend down the mountain.

Who said minimalism was boring?

6. DDNA Website

DDNA is a company that makes a special kind of jewelry, they use a DNA driven design method to create unique and highly-personalized pieces. I think it’s safe to say that their website is as unique as their craft. Let’s take a look:

ddna website design - creative website design solutions
The homepage of DDNA

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like a jewelry business, which was their aim. This way, they stand out from every other jewelry company.

The purple bubbles move as you scroll and move your mouse, creating a fun microinteraction, a characteristic of innovative websites. Let’s look at the rest of the website:

the homepage of ddna - homepage design - creative homepage design
The homepage of DDNA

I was immediately intrigued by their way of showcasing products. By placing a linen cloth over the models’ faces, they made their jewelry stand out.

The soft pink background complements the photography and everything looks unified:

The DDNA collections page design
The DDNA collections page design

Their uniqueness comes to light, even more, when you click their ‘personalize’ page and look at their process of creating personalized jewelry:

the personalize page website design
The Personalize page design

Finishing up

From a black and white website with a vintage feel and unique animations, through websites that tell a story about perfume and a bear and his cub, to a website owned by a business that makes jewelry with the help of DNA, 2020 looks more than promising when it comes to finding innovative websites.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed looking at these websites as much as we did and thank you for reading!

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