Features Of A Good Website Design For Your Private Hospital In 2020

Features Of A Good Website Design For Your Private Hospital In 2020

Have you ever seen a private clinic or skincare-related place with a really bad logo or website, which made you think that they’re probably highly unprofessional?

I cannot begin to tell you how many logos with really bad designs I see just walking around, let alone how many unprofessional-looking websites I come across while browsing the internet.

What makes it even worse is the fact that these businesses are related to health, which is a serious and sensitive concern.

These bad designs are effectively warding people away because they feel like their health might get jeopardized in such places.

In order to help private hospitals and private clinics prevent something like this from happening, today we want to talk about what makes a good and professional website design when it comes to the medical field.

Let’s get to it.

Things to keep in mind before starting to work on your private hospital website

Before you start working on your website, there is a number of equally important things to keep in mind.

Just like we mentioned that health is a very serious matter, if not the most serious of all, your website will have to match this level of seriousness.

But seriousness is not the only characteristic of private hospital websites. Your website needs to look confident, and all the information needs to be presented in a clear way.

Keep in mind that you will need high-quality photos, both for the pages and for the employees. Website speed is also crucial, as well as responsive design.

Additionally, in order to stand out from all other private hospital and clinic websites, you will need something unique, either a photo or a web design feature.

Questions your private hospital website has to answer

We mentioned the importance of information, but what does information exactly entail?

Here’s what.

○ Tell your visitors who you are

The second people open your website, you want them to immediately know who you are.

In a big font, write the name of your private hospital, or, if you’re a single medical practitioner, write your name and title.                

good use of title private clinic website - private clinic website design
An example of a good use of title | Source

○ Tell your visitors what your private hospital deals with

Under the information of who you are, including what sort of healthcare your private hospital provides.

Let them know what your clinic deals with, be it eye surgery, facial plastic surgery, or any kind of condition.

Your website is your own little corner of the internet, and if your visitors cannot learn all about you on your website, where else will they find this information?

private clinic website design - private clinic website
This template lets you tell people who you are and what you do | Source

○ Let people know where you’re located

Include your address, phone number and social media profile links, if you have them, that is.

You want people to be able to reach you easily and immediately, so don’t make them browse your website for minutes trying to find relevant information.

footer design website - footer clinic website - footer design for hospital website
Note the footer and all the information| Source

○ Tell people why they should choose you

Nowadays, there isn’t a field or market that isn’t oversaturated. The competition is big whatever your business deals with, and the medical field is no exception.

When it comes to private hospital website design, this means that you will need to convince people to choose your clinic instead of someone else’s.

You can do this by telling people how many years of experience you have in the field, or by telling them about the number of satisfied patients and successful surgeries.

why choose us on clicin website - why choose us example for hospital website - private clinic website why choose use design
Here’s a great example of a ‘why choose us’ part of a homepage | Source

What makes a good private hospital website design?

As you have probably noticed, the examples I provided all have a ton of things in common and look pretty similar.

So, let’s see the characteristics of a good and modern private hospital website design.

1. Clean design and simple navigation

Websites with abstract concepts and confusing navigations have no place in the medical field.

A good private hospital website is simple, minimalist, and clean. Modern medicine calls for modern designs, and so the fonts used are sans serif, which has a sleeker and more modern appearance, unlike the serif ones, which are associated with the old and traditional.

The navigation is located on top of the website, which is the default navigation place. There are drop-down menus that contain shortlists of medical services and more information about the hospital or clinic.

navigation design for private clinic website - private clinic navigation bar
Clean navigation and a good drop-down menu | Source

2. High-quality images

This may seem like a given and like it doesn’t need to be mentioned, but you would be surprised how many websites I’ve seen that have poor-quality photos, which radiate a lack of professionalism.

In fact, while I was looking for good examples of private hospital web design, I came across a clinic website with really bad quality images:

The Billings Clinic website
The Billings Clinic website

As if the weird black gradient wasn’t ugly enough, the photos they used are really bad quality. At first, I thought they all had a grain effect on them, but they don’t and one of them is even really blurry.

Avoid this and use images that are high quality. The best solution would be to hire a professional photographer to take photos of you and your staff that then you will be able to use on both the homepage and staff list.

3. A unique feature

The unique feature that will help you stand out from your competition can be many things, but when it comes to private hospital website design, the choice is a bit more limited than when compared to other websites.

The unique feature is most often either a video, an image that is really something else or parallax scrolling. As you can see, pretty tame features.

You must have noticed that all the good examples I provided have smiling people. Except for one.

unique image website design
An example of a unique image | Source

You have to admit, that’s a really different and good photo. Here’s another one:

laboratory website - laboratory website template - laboratory website deisgn
A template for a laboratory website | Source

The person who made this template could have easily gone with some smiling people standing in a lab. But this is more unique and still perfectly fits what the clinic is all about.

Here’s a real website of a chiropractor that uses a video:

The homepage of DEAN Chiropractic
The homepage of DEAN Chiropractic

Granted, the brown footer isn’t the best color choice, but the video makes sure that this website is different from all others that use images.

Also, if you’ve clicked the website, you’ve probably noticed that the video loads up really fast and that the website performance doesn’t suffer.

This is something to be careful of if you’re including a video on your own website. Make sure all the images and videos are optimized so your website performs well and has good speed.

4. Responsive design – a super important feature

If you click the sources on any of the template examples I provided, you’ll notice the use of the word responsive.

You want people with medical needs to be able to open your website no matter what device they’re using.

This is where responsiveness comes in.

A responsive design enables websites to work and perform well on devices of all sizes, be it desktop or a smartphone. If you’re choosing a theme for your website or hiring someone to make it for you, make sure to look for the word responsive and mention it to the web developer.

responsive design - website template - responsive website design
This website template has a responsive design | Source

5. Color scheme

Aside from the chiropractor one, all the website examples had certain shades of blue. This is no coincidence.

The color blue is peaceful and calming, and it is also the color of trust and stability. People associate it with professionalism and cleanliness, which is why it’s the best choice when it comes to medical website design.

White and blue are the safest, but also the best option.

6. Testimonials

Here’s the last but not least characteristic of good private hospital website design.

After your clinic or hospital helps your clients, ask them to write you a testimonial. The reason they’re so important is because they show credibility and help build trust. If someone visits your website and reads a few honest testimonies of your previous patients, they’ll trust you more.

happy patient testimonial example - private clinic testimonial example
A testimonial of a happy patient | Source


When it comes to private hospital website design, there are rules and a certain formula that web developers use.

The rules include a serious design, all the necessary information about who the clinics are and what kind of health services they offer, as well as their contact information, high-quality photos, and a unique feature to help them stand out among other medical websites.

The best medical websites have clean designs with modern fonts and simple and visible navigations, high-quality images, responsive designs, a color scheme where the color blue dominates, testimonials, as well as some unique feature, like a really different image or a video.

Hopefully, this article helps you with your own private hospital or clinic website and if you like the article, check out our portfolio to see which websites we’ve worked on so far. Who knows, they might inspire you, too.

Thank you for reading!

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