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6 Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Web Developer

When was the last time you purchased something online? Or simply read the news on your favorite news site? Behind every website you visit is a complex puzzle made of hundreds of little pieces that are coding elements.

If you have recently started a business or have had one for a while now but just recently decided to make a website for it, hiring a web developer is a necessity. If you are unsure what web developers actually do and would like to know more about the job before you hire someone, then this article is for you.

Our 6 Questions to Ask When Hiring Web Developer

The reasons why you should ask yourself those questions are thoroughly explained below. These are, in our opinion the 6 most important questions to ask yourself before hiring a web developer:

  • Why does your business need a website?
  • What is web development?
  • What do web developers do?
  • How are web developers different from web designers?
  • What are the benefits of hiring one?
  • What are the costs of hiring a web developer?

Why does your business need a website?

Even if your business is doing fine and you don’t feel the need for a website, trust us, you do. A website is a place for your business only, and a part of the internet you have full control over. You choose what’s on it: the images, how your product is displayed, a summary of your business.

Websites give you the opportunity to show your business off the way it is supposed to be seen. This is done through photographs of the building, workers, products, but also testimonials from satisfied customers. Websites are also the source of important information for customers, such as the location of your business, a phone number, email, opening hours, social media links, etc.

But all the information and images in the world aren’t enough if your website doesn’t work and doesn’t look good. This is where web developers come into play. The websites they create have everything in the right place, are easy to navigate, run smoothly and present your product in the right way.

web developer
Milos – Our Web Developer 🙂

What is web development?

Web development, as the name suggests, is concerned with developing websites. This is done by using coding or programming and the main goal is a functional website. From simple looking online stores to large social media platforms like Facebook, behind every site are hours of coding work that ensure that these websites work as intended.  

Web development has two large categories: front-end development and back-end development.

Front-end development represents all that a user sees when they visit a website: the pages, different elements they can interact with and the design itself. All of this is done with three codes: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

web development
Web Development

HTML, which stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, presents the way the content of a website is structured. The way this happens is through the usage of a number of elements, such as new paragraph, font size, bold or italic text, image insertion and such.

CSS, an acronym that stands for Cascading Style Sheets, is the way how HTML elements are displayed on a screen, or more simply put, the style of a website. 

JavaScript is the programming language of the internet and it can modify both CSS and HTML.

Back-end development, simply put, is everything that a user cannot see. This includes the server that hosts the website and all the data that is needed for that website to run.

Web developers can specialize for either front-end or back-end development, and those who can do both are called full-stack web developers.

What do web developers do?

As already mentioned, web developers design and create websites. But let’s take a closer look at their job description.

They are able to create entire websites from scratch, which means all the pages and the site layout. They are familiar with the newest trends in the design world, but there is a far more important part of their job. They need to be familiar with the specific market and know how to make websites that will present their client’s product in the best possible and innovative way.

Web developers need to be communicative because part of their job also includes making suggestions their client might not think of or be familiar with, especially if the client is a new business owner.

Besides communication, they are extraordinarily creative, because they are able to combine something as dry as the coding language with design, thus creating eye-stopping pages and animations.

How are web developers different from web designers?

Often incorrectly used interchangeably, these two occupations actually have differences. Web designers are concerned with the aesthetic aspect, that is the look of a website, which includes the colors, typeface choices, the way buttons look, in short, everything we see. Web developers, on the other hand, are usually focused on everything that happens behind the scenes: coding, bugs, performance.

web development in progress
Web Development – code

Also, they use different tools. Web developers use already mentioned HTML, CSS and JavaScript, while designers use graphic design software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

That being said, most web developers learn to be capable designers, as well. Knowing both coding and design means that the client won’t have to hire two people, and as such the developer will get a better pay.

What are the benefits of hiring one?

No matter if you have a clear vision of your website or cannot come up with anything, web developers have got you covered. They can turn your concept into reality, but also offer improvements and implement them easily. But even if you don’t have any ideas, developers are skilled enough to create something for you.  

We’ve already mentioned they’re extremely capable in many aspects, but if you hire a developer that is communicative and can do web design as well, you’re sorted. I think we can all agree that working with one person is easier than working with two people. Also, working on both aspects is easier on the developer too, because there isn’t the threat of conflicting opinions. 

What are the costs of hiring a web developer?

As always, prices range depending on how qualified and experienced the developer is. Most prices go from $15 to $50 per hour and finished websites range from $500 to $2000. But this also depends if someone is working alone, if they’re a professional or not, if they have a team they work with, etc.  

In a world where competition is growing by each passing day, it is necessary to always try to stay on top and establish a solid internet presence, and having a website is a big and important step. It is how people will find you more easily on the internet and take your business more seriously.

Now that you know what web development is, what web developers do and how they can be beneficial to your business, it’s time to hire someone who can make a unique website for you where you can show off your services and products.

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