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Top 6 Advantages of Having a Webshop

In this day and age, it’s possible to sell anything and everything over the internet. If you have a product, you could find a customer for it.

The practice of online shopping had been growing in popularity in the past two decades and now has become an integral part of our lives. In 2019, it is estimated there will be almost 2 billion digital buyers in the world. Online, people can buy anything at any time of day, which is a huge reason behind the popularity of online shopping.

Whether you are running a business or a hobby you earn a few dollars from on the side, having a webshop has both become an incredibly powerful tool.

A tool to reach your target audience and in some cases – a necessity. Here we’ll try to list 6 of the most important advantages of having a webshop.

1. Webshop Convenience

Having experience from opening both physical and web stores, I can’t even begin to explain how easier it is to set up an online shop in comparison to the physical one.

It’s incredible. If you have a smaller number of products you are selling, you could begin selling them on Wednesday having commissioned a webshop with a digital agency on Monday.

There is no hassle with the repairs of the store, remodeling, decoration, design and sooooo many delays (actually, there is a bit of web design and development work involved during the process of making a web store, but that generally is not your problem).

2. Webshop is much cheaper than an actual store

Incredibly cheaper. Commissioning a webshop is numerous times cheaper, for several reasons, the primary one being that you only need one or maybe two developers.

Of course, if you are making a huge store, with many products available, it’s going to require more people on the team, but in general, for some smaller shops, one developer is all that it needs.

Compare that to the army of contractors and material required for an actual store and you get it why it is so cheaper. There is also the advantage of having to pay no rent, hire no additional workers in the store, pay no utilities, the amount of money saved really piles up in the long run.

3. Reduced start-up cost – Amazing Webshop Advantage

Given the fact that it’s cheaper and doesn’t require a physical presence, entertaining a new business idea is a lot cheaper. With a webshop, the cost of running a business is significantly reduced and the time required to begin is shortened.

So, if you have any good idea for a new product, the best way to place it is over the internet, in a webshop of your own

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4. Changes on the Webshop can be made instantaneously

If you ever owned a store, you know how time-consuming it is to change back the prices or other relevant information about your products. It involves changing at least tag, a price tag on the product itself and the price on the shelf. But it is fortunately so much easier to change anything when it comes to online shopping.

That doesn’t involve potential inventory system and tracking changes, as well as eventual additional information a certain product may have. Changing of all of this is effortless in a web store and can be changed multiple times with ease.

5. Potential customer reach

Customer reach of a web store is many times (sometimes several thousand times) higher than the one of a physical store. While the physical store is limited to mostly one part of the town, a web store has no geographical limits.

You could sell your products not only to the whole town but to the whole country or the whole world if possible. Today, the world has over 1 billion internet users and you can sell them your products easy, with only one touch of the button.

6. Cheap and measurable marketing solutions

This one is a no-brainer. You can use incredibly potent marketing solutions for the benefit of your webshop.

Not only do you have much-expanded customer reach, but you can advertise yourself to them with greater ease and for much less than conventional advertising does.

Conventional advertising reach is getting more and more limited (there is a good reason that the newspapers are getting fewer sales) and digital marketing is the paving the way as the most effective means of advertising.

Why? Because it works better and costs less. It’s also completely measurable, which helps keep better track of your spending and the results you are getting. That, in turn, allows for better optimization of your sales process and performance in general.

7. B2B marketing

B2B, or business-to-business marketing, is the practice of selling a product to another company. Having a webshop can make it easier on businesses to spot you, too. And working with other businesses and being able to say that you did not only increases your legitimacy, but also brings more sales. B2B is a great opportunity for business big and small alike.

And there you have it, 6 most important reasons to get yourself a webshop if you don’t have one already. Online shopping is part of almost everyone’s life, which is why you should put your product on the internet. You can get a website at W3 Lab, the best digital agency in the world according to our moms and our friend John.

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