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9 most creative websites ever!

Welcome to a place where you will find inspiration for your website!

It is estimated that there are over a billion websites on the Internet, and that number will exceed one and a half billion in just a few years.

Creating a website is a big and important step for your business, and during that process, you have to opt for many things like a content management system, web hosting options, and so on.

We previously talked about what makes high-converting and professional websites. They usually have conventional and safe minimalist designs that load fast and navigations that are super easy to find.

When it comes to these websites, there’s almost no room for stark colors and abstract designs, which can sometimes drive users away and increase the bounce rate.

It’s usually digital agency websites that are fearless when it comes to breaking these conventions in order to flex their creative and website building skills, but there are also other businesses that are eager to be unique and stand out from their competition.

Because the only way to stand out from the competition is to be as creative as possible when it comes to design.

Today, we’ve picked the most creative websites that we’ve seen in the past few months and that we want to share with you, so you too can experience what can be called works of art.

In this article you will read about:

Let’s begin.

Web design basics

Before we move on to present you with the most creative websites of our choice, we want to first tell you the basic things about web design that you should know.

What is key to web design is to strike a balance between functionality and appearance, because as Paul Cookson says “Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine.” And that is completely true.

What’s great is that you can always refine your web design. We totally agree with famous graphic designer Neville Brody when he said that “Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.”

However, we cannot agree with all those who say that web design is simple and easy.

We understand that they say that because today we all have high-speed internet, browsers that are compatible with different formats and systems, advanced smartphones, and the like.

web design - computer - keyboard - computer mouse
Web design

Many of the obstacles that web designers once encountered do not exist today.

But still, for someone who isn’t familiar with the basics of web design, fast internet, and sophisticated browsers won’t mean anything until they know at least something about web design in general.

Therefore, in this part of the article we will talk about:

Source code

Source code is the basis of every site.

So you can check the source code of a site you like and use the parts or get inspired.

What you need to pay attention to is that the code is not badly written so use something that is not actually good. You can easily check this by browsing that site without any problems.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a simple mechanism that you will use to add fonts, colors, and everything else necessary for a web document.

With CSS you can also customize everything else you want, for example, the type of device from which the site is browsed and so on.

CSS is independent of HTML so it can be used separately.

Along with JavaScript and HTML, CSS is the most important technology of the WWW.


Colors play a very big role in web design because they are one of the key factors to achieve effectiveness. It is very important when creating creative websites.

Bright colors should not be dominant, because they are not pleasing to the eye, so they can only be used to emphasize certain details.

It is important to choose one to two, a maximum of three main colors, and for them to be dominant.

color wheel
Colors play an important role in website design. | Source: Pixabay

Don’t avoid leaving white spaces, as it provides visual relief, and the large white spaces on the website are also used by some of the world’s largest companies.

Also don’t forget to achieve contrast between text and background, to make it easy for visitors to read the content.


There is something called “web-safe fonts” and those are all fonts that are supported by the most famous web browsers.

Back in the days, browsers supported just a few most famous fonts and today situation is different.

There are more than half a million fonts available, so it is easy to choose one that is “web-safe”.

Keep in mind that you should use different fonts for headlines as well as for different types of text.

Also, don’t make your site look like a font playground, so avoid using 10 or 15 different ones, but stick to the few ones.


It is absolutely necessary to include images when designing a website. It is one very important part of creating creative websites.

However, it must be done very carefully and thoughtfully.

As tempting as certain types of moving images, such as .gifs, is, be very careful when implementing them.

We tell you this both because of the design and because of the loading time of your website which has far-reaching implications on SEO and generally your business.

Also, don’t use images just to fill an empty space. Better leave it blank.

Pay attention to the resolution and size of the file, because the resolution must be as good as possible, but you must not forget the size of the file, because, for example, 4K images will probably slow down your website.

It should also be noted that you need to be aware of copyrights.


Even before you start designing a website, you must have at least part of the content ready.

It doesn’t have to be complete content, nor does it have to be perfect, but it is important that you have it and that is well optimized.

text - two white papers with text
Content is very important for website search performance. | Source: Unsplash

You will be able to create an ideal design according to your content, and you will also not have to worry about SEO.

Also, for the sake of a good reputation, content must be regularly edited and uploaded.

The most creative websites

We have now come to what is the main topic of our article today, and that is examples of creative web design. Get ready to be amazed by the creativity and skill of the web designers who have worked on these websites.

You will have the opportunity to check out the following websites:

Alan Menken

Alan Menken is a legendary composer, songwriter, conductor, music director, and record producer.

Even if you don’t know his name or how he looks like, you’ve certainly enjoyed many of his songs he created for Disney.

The website is a fantastic indicator of who he is truly and that is why it is at the top of our list of creative websites because it is a perfect example of a portfolio website.

On the website, you will find his famous work, biography, and much more packaged in a minimalist interface.

alan menken - website homepage
Alan Menken website homepage

Newest Americans

Newest Americans is an organization that plays a very important role in honoring the identity of migrants, and a great website further helps them in their mission.

On the website that will first show you a drone video of New Jersey, you will find photos and experiences of many immigrants in that part of the USA.

newest americans homepage - creative websites
Newest Americans website homepage

We found the Newest Americans website very visually appealing and we are also thrilled with the technical solutions that make this website very easy to navigate.

Garoa Skincare

Skincare has become one of the most important topics in recent years, and Garoa Skincare has shown that it is not the price of the product that matters, nor that you have to be world-famous for your site to be among the best creative websites.

gaora skincare - creative websites
Gaora Skincare website

The images used are high-quality and everything looks perfect, and most importantly it does not affect the performance of the website itself so loading is very fast.

Probably the first thing you will think of when you see a website is elegance.

What we would also state is how easy it is to get any desired information because everything is within reach.

Skyline Films

If you have read the articles on our blog, you know how much we emphasize that nowadays it is necessary to have a website optimized for browsing from smartphones.

Skyline Films knows the importance of this and that is why their site is perfectly optimized, which is especially important when we understand what industry they come from.

skyline films website
Skyline films website

The website looks very interesting, and even mythical, from loading through Robert Downey Jr. in the role of Sherlock Holmes.

Later, you can easily navigate the site. All you have to do is hold and drag and you will see many other famous movies.

browsing movies - skyline films website - creative website design
Browsing movies on Skyline films website.


This is one of the most creative websites I’ve ever seen, so we have to include it on our list. Let’s look at what makes it so unique.

longshot creative web design - creative website design example
The Longshot homepage

Longshot is a business that deals with movies, music, and art. Founded by a filmmaker, the website is as interesting as their work.

When you click the homepage, the first thing you notice is the black and white theme and the vintage feel, reminiscent of the early and mid-20th-century aesthetics.

What I especially liked is the fact that the graphics move. On some of them, the animation is subtle and only the shading changes, but others have complete movements, such as the skeletons playing the violins and a man getting cut in half by a vinyl.

creative website animation - amazing web animation
The lizard has a great and fluid hand animation

Every animation presents a separate project and is clickable. After you click them, you’ll notice that they all have unique pages.

The black and white theme is broken by photos and videos in color, but they don’t look out of place. In fact, they liven up the pages with their high quality and great sounds.

great website design - creative website design and the composer
The ‘Composer, madman, and Budapest orchestra’ page

Despite the high-quality videos, the page doesn’t load any slower. I love how this is a very innovative website but also performs perfectly.

The bear and his scarf

It’s not every day that we see websites dedicated to stories, which is one of the reasons why we picked this one.

very creative bear and his scarf website design
The Bear and his scarf homepage

Another reason was the sketchy art style, which tells us that we don’t need stylized and fancy graphics if we want a great and innovative website.

The last (but not least) reason I picked it is the little animations that occur on every page. I found the small scarf, ear, and feet movements extremely cute, as well as the falling snow.

story in web design
The 6th page of the story

The coloring and the colors are quite charming, and the transition between the pages is smooth. Another great example of a well-performing and innovative website.

Idôle by Lancôme

You all heard of the legendary Lancôme house of exclusive perfumes and cosmetics.

This website is for perfume, but don’t be fooled: just because it is for only one product, it doesn’t lack in any aspect. In fact, it’s definitely one of the most creative websites I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

the lancome homepage - creative website design
The Lancôme homepage

Doesn’t look like the most creative website in the world, right?

It’s a pretty pink background, but there’s more to this website than meets the eyes.

Here’s what happens when you click enter with the circular cursor:

 The Lancôme homepage
The Lancôme homepage

The story about the perfume is separated into 6 chapters and each of them has its own graphic that appears on the right and a uniquely designed page.

After clicking them, an animation will happen, opening the page of your choice.

Every page has its own layout and animations: some have spinning text, on some pages, the text moves from right to left, and some of them have large videos for the cases where photos don’t do justice to the perfume.

There are also parts where, as you scroll, the photos move. However, the page that stuck with me is ‘the juice’ page, and for the following reason:

amazing page deisgn - amazing website page desing
The Juice page design

On the left is the bottle and you have the option of clicking any part of it. Once you do, it shows you the ingredients that were used to create the fragrance.

SPINX Digital

SPINX Digital is a website design and digital marketing company from Los Angeles and they wanted to show you the importance of making everything SEO-friendly on the example of their website.

If you know anything about SEO, you will immediately see that the content position is perfect, that all the necessary keywords have been used, and so on.

spinx digital - creative website design
Spinx Digital website homepage

Responsiveness is at the highest level, and white, black and green dominate, so it is very pleasant to watch.

It does not lag behind in terms of creativity, but this is primarily an example of fantastic functionality.

Nomadic Tribe

The Nomadic Tribe website was nominated for the Awwards’ Site of the Year which immediately tells you how good a website it is, and we are amazed by creativity.

The video you will see first on their homepage is so interesting and we can say it is magical that you will not be able to look away until you watch it at least once.

nomadic tribe - desert - hills
One frame of the video on the Nomadic Tribe website

The rest of the site is equally interesting, and at the same time simple, so you will easily find what you are interested in, as well as a direct link to download the iOS app from App Store.

Conclusion – 9 Most Creative Websites Ever:

As you can see, there is no one type of website design that everyone uses and that is perfect.

It is the uniqueness that set these websites apart and brought them a well-deserved place on our list of most creative websites.

Some are black and white, others are vintage, and some are completely modern for all those tech-savvy users. That is why each of them has great value when it comes to both web design and functionality.

2021. and years to come look more than promising when it comes to finding innovative websites.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed looking at these websites as much as we did, because we really enjoyed seeing so much creativity and writing this article for you!

Thank you for reading!

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