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Our real SEO 129+ results:

Delivering Real SEO Results Across Industries

Largest limousine service in Switzerland

Increase in organic revenue (2022 vs 2018)


Increase in conversion rate


Descrease in cost per lead


Top Ranked Keywords (non-brand)

They came up with a new slick design and refreshing content for our website which pleasantly surprised our long-term clients, and they helped us gain a lot of traffic to our new website and expand our client base. Extremelv
responsive, professional and pleasant to work with. We strongly recommend this team!

Well-known criminal defense office in Belgrade.

Organic Search (last four months compared to the previous period)


Impressions on Google in the last 4 months


Top ranking keywords


Increase in organic conversions (last four months compared to the previous period)

Excellent cooperation! Very professional service! All recommendations!

Biggest POD platform in Balkans

Lower CAC in Q1 2023


Traffic increase in Q1 2023


Monthly revenue growth from paid search


Ecommerce conversion rate

Your redesign of our site was transformative. With its standout UX, our conversions have soared, solidifying our position as POD leaders in the Balkans. Thank you W3 Lab!

Premier Dental Clinic

Increase in organic conversions (2023 vs. 2022)


More clicks per month (3.5k vs 9k)


Top ranked keywords


More organic traffic

The team from W3 Lab really helped us quickly address the issues we had with our online presence. Not only did they create an exceptional website for us, but they have also been managing our social media accounts in a very competitive niche.”

Meet our SEO team

W3 Lab' SEO

Our SEO specialists prioritize data-driven results, honest communication, transparency, and deep industry knowledge.

"Just like coffee, a website needs the right blend of keywords to wake up search engines!"

SEO Specialist

"Words that enchant, engage, and enthrall!"

Content Specialist

"I love wearing black hats, but I do only white hat SEO"

SEO Specialist

"I speak fluent RGB and a touch of CMYK."

Graphic Designer

What’s Included in SEO?

SEO might be a maze to many, but for our team, it's a well-understood map. This is how we do it:

SEO Audit

Keyword Research

Strategy Design

Implementation & Optimization

Transparent Reporting

Technical analyses

This includes indexability, page speed (CWV), SSL encryption, redirects, status codes, site structure, GA setup, robots.txt, sitemaps, and mobile-first responsiveness check.

On-Page Audit

We analyze all important on-page elements such as titles, meta descriptions, URLs, text, images, internal linking, etc.

Off-Page SEO

Evaluation of a website's backlink profile, assessing the quality and quantity of incoming links, and identifies potential outreach and link-building opportunities.

Content Assessment

By reviewing the website's content we ensure it's unique, valuable, and structured correctly for keyword targeting.

Competitive analysis

We analyze your main competitors' SEO strategies, highlighting areas for your improvement and capitalizing on their weaknesses.

Action Plan

Based on our findings we compile a list of prioritized recommendations to skyrocket your website's SEO.

Understanding Audience

We define your target audience and their search intent, considering what they might search for in relation to products or services your company offers.

Initial Keywords Brainstorming

We list out potential keywords and phrases based on your products, services, or topics relevant to your industry.

Keyword Research Tools

We use numerous tools such as Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and aHrefs to identify keyword variations, search volume, competition levels, and long-tail keyword opportunities.

Keywords prioritization

We analyze keywords and prioritize them based on many factors such as search volume, relevance, etc.

Keyword clustering

We group your keywords into thematic clusters and continually refine your list based on performance data and evolving goals.

Defining Clear Objectives

We put our efforts to understand your business goals and how SEO can support them. This foundation will guide the rest of our strategy.

Utilizing data

Utilizing data from SEO audits and other sources empowers us to craft a winning SEO strategy. This will guide your content creation and optimization efforts.

Plan for On-Page SEO

Our plan ensures us that your website's structure, content, meta tags, URL patterns, and other technical elements are aligned with best SEO practices.

Content Optimization

W3 Lab's content writers create quality, relevant content tailored to address your audience's search intents and needs.

Transparent Communication Framework

Establishing clear channels and regular updates ensures clients are always informed, fostering trust and setting clear expectations in our SEO journey.

Content Rollout

Produce and publish high-quality, keyword-optimized content tailored to meet the needs and intents of your target audience.

Technical Tweaks

Implement necessary on-site technical changes such as optimizing site speed, ensuring mobile-friendliness, fixing crawl errors, and adjusting site architecture for improved user experience.

Link Management

We remove any potentially harmful backlinks, and then strategize to acquire quality, relevant backlinks that enhance domain authority.

Performance Monitoring

Regularly checking website analytics and search console data to monitor the effectiveness of implemented strategies, ensuring the site is moving towards the desired objectives.

Iterative Refinement

Based on the insights from monitoring, adjust and fine-tune strategies as needed, ensuring that the SEO efforts are always effective.

Key Metrics Only

We highlight only the most impactful metrics, ensuring clarity and avoiding any data that could mislead. You want the real thing, right? That's what we do.

Action Summary

List out the specific SEO actions implemented during the reporting period, such as content additions, technical tweaks, or backlink-building efforts, to provide context to the results.

Challenges and Recommendations

Discuss any challenges faced, like sudden ranking drops or technical issues, and offer actionable recommendations for future strategies or corrective measures.

Feedback Loop

We seek for client feedback or queries, ensuring they have the opportunity to voice concerns, seek clarifications, or offer insights about their business that can further refine the SEO approach.

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