About Us


We are a young, talented and passionate team of professionals striving to bring innovation and cutting-edge solutions to every new project. We build result-driven websites and marketing campaigns for our customers. Our services range from custom web design and responsive web development to complete online marketing campaigns that generate sales and traffic for our customers.

We specialize in small businesses, so we are well acquainted with challenges and hardships a small business owner faces every day and as well as digital solutions to overcome those obstacles. Our unique focus on web and branding means that we not only build beautiful and functional brands for small businesses but also produce cutting edge web experiences tailored to your audience. We constantly keep up with modern trends and innovations so we could deliver the best service with 100% customer satisfaction.

Coffee cups drank last year: 11500



team members who can bench more than Vladimir: 0

2017’s satisfied customers: 100+



nr. of other team members who bench: 0

projects we’re proud of: ALL



current 3-point shootout champion: Caleb



(+1) 323 203 0802 (USA)
(+1) 289 681 0430 (Canada)
1501 Woodbine Avenue Toronto, Canada


+47 454 17 070
Møllergata 26


+381 64 533 88 52
Čajnička 28/14
Belgrade, Serbia


This is our little group of superheroes, each special in his/her own way.

Stefan Neumans

Project manager

Ran a marathon. Speaks several languages. Has coffee for breakfast. Thinks his cosmology stories are interesting. They are not.

Elisabeth Neumans


Loves Star Wars and spanish guitar music. Makes the world's best cupcakes.

Vladimir Vučković

Lead developer

Brews his own beer. Knows how to drive 18-wheeler truck. Must never be left unattended in a chocolate store.

Miloš Vučković

Wordpress developer

The Ron Swanson in our team, except he doesn't have a glorious moustache.

Spasimir Novaković

Head of Marketing

Has never seen Lord of the Rings and he never hears the end of it from the rest of the team.

Mateja Simić

Social Media Manager

Believes that Instagram is the best thing in world ever. Clearly he has never tasted beer.

Milica Ristić

SEO and Digital Marketing Specialist

Liked by every dog in the neighborhood. They don't know she used to listen to Nickelback.

Alex Anderson

Graphic Designer

Learning Chinese. Permanently banned from making coffee in the office. Willing to imitate Al Pacino for food.

Caleb Waugh

Office manager

The biggest and baddest of them all. Looks can be deceiving, because believe us, he IS feared by many. In front of him is some random guy blocking the view.


“W3 Lab is the best digital agency in the world!”

“Very dynamic, professional and precise. I would recommend W3 Lab to anyone. “

“They do excellent work, great communication, the guys really don’t shy away from going the extra mile. I would recommend them to everyone I know.”

“These guys are awesome! We will most definitely continue working with W3 Lab!”

“Amazing service! I did several projects with them, I never had any problems or hiccups. I would recommend them to anyone I know.”

“I am very satisfied with their service, they completed the project faster than promised, went beyond what I wanted and even did some of the stuff for free. All in all – superb service.”

“They helped boost my webshop sales significantly, I was amazed how much little know-how can do wonders for business.”