About Us

Changing the digital landscape, one business at a time.

We are a full-service digital agency with offices in New York, Oslo, Belgrade and Frankfurt. Our vision is to create the best online performance for all of our clients. Our mission is to transform the digital presence of small businesses and find the best strategy to be online.


Years in the Field

Coffee cups drank last year


Satisfied customers in 2019


Projects we’re proud


Team members who can bench more than Vladimir


Number of other team members who bench


Current 3-point shootout champion


Meet the team

Stefan Neumans Co-Founder & CEO

Ran a marathon. Speaks several languages. Has coffee for breakfast. Thinks his cosmology stories are interesting. They are not.

Vladimir Vučković Co-Founder & CTO

Brews his own beer. Knows how to drive 18-wheeler truck. Must never be left unattended in a chocolate store.

Miloš Vučković Head of Development

The Ron Swanson in our team, except he doesn't have a glorious moustache. Knows 8 different ways how to prepare a steak. 7 are not edible.

Spasimir Novaković Head of Marketing

Has never seen Lord of the Rings and he never hears the end of it from the rest of the team.

Mateja Simić Social Media Manager

Believes that Instagram is the best thing in world ever. Clearly he has never tasted beer.

Predrag Tanasković WordPress Developer

Spends most of his free time on tuning his custom motorcycle and explaining to the rest of the team why liking pineapple pizza is not stupid.

Alex Anderson Graphic Designer

Learning Chinese. Permanently banned from making coffee in the office. Willing to imitate Al Pacino for food.

Marija Milosavljević Copywriter

Graduated as first in her class. Incredibly quiet and shy until the lag in Warframe turns her into a raging death-bunny.

Elisabeth Neumans Copywriter

Loves Star Wars and spanish guitar music. Makes the world's best cupcakes.

Sanin Medić SEO Specialist

Tall, rich and handsome. He has been reading one book per week for the past 6 years. Afraid of bears, alligators, and his girlfriend.