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The story

Modern Makeover for a Print on Demand Platform

By creating an ultra-modern design and incorporating social proof, testimonials, benefits and a lot of features, we managed to come to grips with explaining the complex business model Brendly has.

By doing so, we have made achievements such as:




Conversion Rate


Logistics Costs

Client Background and Challenges

Explaining the Complex Business Model

Brendly operates as a print-on-demand platform that empowers graphic designers, influencers or marketers to sell their designs on t-shirts, sweatshirts, shopping bags, etc., through their website. Designers can customize their own unique designs, which are then implemented on the various products available via the platform. 


The platform also allows designers to establish their own shops, where clients can easily purchase their products. However, explaining this intricate business model to potential users proved to be a significant challenge for Brendly.

The Goal

Keeping Up With the Times

Brendly hired us to create a visually appealing and presentational website representing Software as a Service (SaaS) platform in order to increase conversion rates.


They recognized that their site is slowly lagging behind design trends, but also that with a better layout and structure, it can fulfill its potential and increase total revenue.


W3 lab’s Finest

Leveraging our expertise, we crafted a visually stunning website that captured the essence of Brendly’s print-on-demand platform.


The design team carefully curated a modern and visually appealing website, utilizing a hero shot to immediately convey the concept of print-on-demand to visitors. Testimonials and social proofs were strategically placed throughout the website to build trust and credibility.


Additionally, a dedicated FAQ section and page were created to address common questions and provide adequate answers for new users. The product catalog and single product pages were also revamped to provide a seamless browsing and purchasing experience.


The big novelty in everything was the addition of adequate guides in the “Help” section. These Guides are here to provide new users with a better understanding of the platform, its possibilities and their earning potential.

To further enhance user engagement and satisfaction, W3 Lab introduced an income calculator within the inquiry form at the bottom of the homepage.


This unique feature allowed designers to estimate their potential earnings based on the number of products sold, providing a valuable tool for both existing and prospective users.


The collaboration between W3 Lab and Brendly resulted in a highly successful website redesign, surpassing the initial goals set for the project.

The Results


  • The new design not only modernized Brendly’s online presence but also effectively communicated the print-on-demand concept to visitors, leading to improved conversion rates, more users and most important, higher revenue.
  • The visually stunning design, coupled with strategically placed social proofs and testimonials, instilled confidence in potential users, positively impacting the overall user experience.
  • Furthermore, the income calculator feature within the inquiry form empowered designers to make informed decisions and estimate their potential earnings, thereby increasing their motivation to utilize Brendly’s platform.
  • Overall, W3 Lab’s expertise in web development, design, and digital marketing, combined with Brendly’s dedication to providing a superior user experience, resulted in a successful project that significantly enhanced online presence and business growth.

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