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The story

A five-year Successful Cooperation

Through a comprehensive solution encompassing web design, development, and digital marketing strategies, W3 Lab and EdelSwiss achieved remarkable milestones, including a decrease in Cost-Per-Lead, top rankings in search engine results, and increased ROI.


Lower CPL

Top Rankings

on Google


Higher ROI

Client Background and Challenges

Adapt and Overcome

EdelSwiss Limousinen GmbH is Switzerland’s premier provider of premium limousine services, catering to corporate and business travelers.They have been operating since 2000 and has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its services across Switzerland and neighboring countries.


EdelSwiss faced the challenge of maximizing their online presence in the highly competitive Swiss limo service market. After great initial success, the pandemic outbreak presented unprecedented additional challenges


COVID-19 brought the business to a halt, as travel restrictions and lockdown measures significantly impacted the demand for transportation services. EdelSwiss faced a sudden drop in clients and an uncertain future.

The Goal

Strengthen the Leading Premium Limo Service Position

The primary goal was to enhance EdelSwiss’ digital presence, attract high-quality leads, and solidify their position as the premium limo service provider in Switzerland.


An additional goal after COVID-19, was to show people that EdelSwiss is a company that shows commitment to its clients’ safety and well-being and that they are a trusted and reliable transportation partner in the post-pandemic era.


Multiple Approaches and Strategies

The initial phase involved a complete redesign of the website, incorporating cutting-edge web design principles and meticulous optimization to deliver an exceptional user interface and user experience. 


Professional photographers were engaged to capture stunning visuals, and skilled content writers crafted compelling text content to enhance credibility and professionalism. This resulted in fantastic results. However, the pandemic brought everything to a halt and it was necessary to adapt.


These circumstances created a difficult landscape for maintaining the company’s pre-pandemic success and threatened its position in the market. In this period, the importance of our SEO services was demonstrated, which kept EdelSwiss at the top of searches for relevant keywords and thus maintained its presence in the market.


According to all metrics, we managed to overcome the pandemic and come out stronger, with even better results than before.

Recently, a strategic refreshment was undertaken to further enhance EdelSwiss’ digital presence. Additional landing pages were created, focusing on highlighting their special services


Keyword research and heatmaps analysis revealed areas for improvement, which were addressed through redesigned call-to-action buttons, optimized section layouts, and updated content. The top bar elements were rearranged for better user navigation, simplifying the website’s structure.


Improved UX/UI elements were implemented, such as a progress bar on the inquiry page and an updated reservation process. A chatbot feature was introduced, enabling visitors to interact and obtain instant assistance.

The Results

Premium Client. Premium Success

  • The collaboration between EdelSwiss and W3 Lab Digital Agency has yielded very good results so far, driving significant improvements in various key metrics.
  • We achieved a considerable growth in conversion rates, setting EdelSwiss apart from competitors.
  • Through strategic paid and organic traffic campaigns, EdelSwiss achieved consistent top rankings in search engine results for relevant keywords.
  • With a commanding 65% market share in paid traffic and prominent placement in organic search results, EdelSwiss solidified its position as the leading premium limo service provider in Switzerland.
  • All enhancements resulted in an even more streamlined and engaging user experience, providing a solid foundation for increased conversions and customer satisfaction.

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