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The story

Finding New Ways to Improve Profit

W3 Lab Digital Agency provided Google Ads services to Go Go Print, focusing on optimising their advertising campaigns and driving conversions.


Through meticulous campaign management and strategic optimisations, we achieved remarkable improvements in Go Go Print’s online performance, resulting in increased conversions, higher return on ad spend (ROAS), and significant revenue growth.



More Conversions


Generated Revenue


Higher ROAS

Client Background and Challenges

Conquering the Printing Industry

GoGoPrint is the leading online printing company in Southeast Asia, offering top-quality digital and offset printing products. With a strong presence in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, they provide a wide range of printing solutions, including business cards, brochures, flyers, leaflets, and more.


Their user-friendly online platform allows customers to easily configure and order their printing products, with fast and free delivery nationwide. They faced the challenge of reaching their target audience efficiently and driving conversions in a highly competitive printing industry.

The Goal

Converting Traffic to Customers

The primary goal for Go Go Print was to increase conversions, revenue, and brand recognition through strategic advertising campaigns. They aimed to attract high-quality traffic to their website and convert those visitors into paying customers.


By partnering with W3 Lab, Go Go Print sought to optimise their Google Ads campaigns and elevate their brand’s online presence.


Straight to the Point

We implemented a holistic strategy to optimise Go Go Print’s Google Ads campaigns and achieve their desired goals. We provided solutions such as campaign restructuring, enhanced conversion and strategic optimisation.


By conducting a thorough analysis of Go Go Print’s existing campaigns, we identified areas for improvement. We restructured the campaigns to align with the target audience’s preferences and interests, ensuring maximum exposure to potential customers seeking printing services.


We implemented robust conversion tracking mechanisms to accurately measure and attribute conversions. This allowed us to gather reliable data and make data-driven decisions to optimise campaign performance effectively.


They also experienced the ROAS uplift, which increased from 7.30 to 9.06. Our data-driven optimisations of a campaign performance ensured that ad spend was allocated more effectively, resulting in a higher ROI.


Our team closely monitored campaign performance, continuously refining bidding strategies, ad copy, keywords, and targeting parameters.


By leveraging data insights, we identified underperforming areas and implemented strategic optimizations to improve click-through and conversion rates.


So far, all of this has led to incredible results that still have the potential to grow and get even better.

The Results

Perfect “Matte Finish”

  • Our collaboration with Go Go Print gave remarkable results, driving substantial growth in conversions, revenue, and brand visibility.
  • From May 10th to April 2023, Go Go Print witnessed a significant surge in conversions, with the number of conversions skyrocketing from 7.8k to 19.8k—an impressive increase of 12k conversions.
  • Our efforts in optimising Go Go Print’s Google Ads campaigns led to a remarkable surge in revenue, from $760k to an incredible $2.14M.
  • The client experienced a notable increase in their conversion rate, which rose from 12% to 14.80%. Our team’s strategic optimisations and data-driven decision-making contributed to higher conversion rates.
  • GoGo print now enjoys increased brand visibility, enhanced customer acquisition, and a strengthened position in the competitive printing industry.

What we used

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