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The story

Transforming Dental Office Digital Presence

In order to increase awareness and traffic for MND Dental, it was necessary to lay sound SEO foundations on which the entire strategy was built. But something was still missing.

  • New website – to represent MND Dental in the best possible way, their values, quality and attention to detail (Brand Awareness)
  • Google Ads – to help reaching new clients (enhance traffic even more and target specific audience to increase conversions)


The collaborative efforts between MND Dental and our team have produced extraordinary outcomes, including a remarkable increase in traffic, securing a stronger position on Google’s SERP, and an outstanding three-fold boost in conversions.


More Traffic

Better Position On


3x More


Client Background

Local Community Leader

For over three decades, MND Dental has been a leading dental office specializing in aesthetic stomatology. With a rich history of serving the local community, their name has become synonymous with top-notch dental care and unparalleled expertise.


However, in the ever-evolving digital landscape, staying ahead of the curve was imperative to fortify their brand and expand their reach. Discover how this esteemed dental practice embarked on a transformative online journey to showcase their legacy and propel their brand to new heights.

The Goal

More Traffic, More Clients

MND Dental wanted to be recognized in the digital world as the best dental office, with state-of-the-art equipment and professional and expert staff.


The client hired our company for SEO services because they had low organic traffic and few clicks and impressions.


The Battle on All Fronts

To address these issues, we started with keyword-driven blog articles, optimizing existing content, and implementing internal linking to boost organic traffic.


Recognizing the limitations of the underperforming website, we recommended and developed a new, visually captivating website that excelled in every aspect for both mobile and desktop users. The website’s technical performance for both versions was over 95 (out of 100).


Additionally, we revamped the informational structure, enhancing the homepage with essential elements like call-to-action buttons, social proof, benefits, features, and success indicators.


The treatment page was reorganized into four user-friendly categories—General Dentistry, Orthodontics, Aesthetic Dentistry, and Other Services—allowing for easy navigation and filtering of services.

Since our main goal was to increase organic traffic, we focused on creating a blog page with great design and functionality. We started creating new SEO-friendly keyword-driven articles closely related to the client’s services.


The new website went live on November 1st 2022, and it was not long until it proved to be successful. We started gathering more organic traffic, and the brand became recognizable. Most importantly, the client had more quotes and calls ordering their services.


In February 2023, we added Google advertising as part of the services we provide for the MND Dental. This resulted in even more traffic and quality leads.

The Results

Impeccable Success

  • The overall results were substantial. In less than a year we have increased their total traffic by more than 83% and organic traffic by more than 70%.
  • We improved the average position on Google by 10 places with a large number of blog posts and treatments ranking top 5 on Google search results.
  • The number of sessions, pages per session and average session duration were also enhanced.
  • MND Dental became a brand that other practices refer to on their pages.
  • The new site shows the flawlessness and dedication to detail that MND Dental offers, but also the incredible efficiency, functionality and UX.
  • Most importantly, the total number of conversions and the quality of leads increased significantly.

What we used

Design and Development
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Google Advertising
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