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The story

Achieving incredibly profitable records for WordClock

W3 Lab Digital Agency provided Google Ads services to Word Clock, focusing on optimising their advertising campaigns and improving their conversion rates. Through strategic implementation and continuous monitoring, we achieved significant improvements in the client’s online performance and revenue generation.



CTR Increase


Higher Revenue


Better Conversion Rate

Client Background and Challenges

Simplifying the Expression of Time

Word Clock is an innovative company specialising in the production and sale of electronic clock boards that showcase time using words instead of traditional clock hands or digital numbers.


Word Clock faced challenges in reaching their target market effectively and converting website visitors into customers. Another problem was that their conversions were poorly set up. They have set it up to count Page View as a conversion, as opposed to our setting which counted purchases as a conversion.

The Goal

More Traffic, Higher Profit

The primary goal for Word Clock was to increase their conversions and revenue by improving their online advertising campaigns.


They sought to enhance their brand visibility and attract high-quality traffic to their website, ultimately driving more sales and establishing themselves as a leader in the electronic clock industry.


Strategy Focused on Client’s Goal

Upon taking over the Google Ads services for Word Clock in April 2022, we implemented a comprehensive strategy to optimise the client’s advertising campaigns and achieve their desired goals. The key solutions provided by our agency include campaign optimisation, conversion tracking and continuous monitoring and optimisation.


We conducted a thorough analysis of Word Clock’s existing campaigns, identifying areas for improvement. We restructured the campaigns, refined targeting parameters, and optimised ad copies to better align with the target audience’s preferences and interests.


Recognising the challenges with conversion tracking, we implemented robust tracking mechanisms to accurately measure and attribute conversions. This allowed us to gather reliable data and make informed decisions to optimise campaign performance.



The performance of Word Clock’s campaigns was closely monitored, and real-time adjustments were done to maximise results. We constantly analysed data, identified underperforming areas, and optimised bidding strategies, keywords, and ad placements to drive better ROI and conversion rates.


On top of all that, we have also done basic SEO corrections in the form of technical optimization, rewriting content, information structure, etc. We even created a blog page to start bringing organic traffic to the site which led to solid results and increased traffic.




The Results

Impeccable Success

  • Our partnership with Word Clock yielded impressive results within a short period. The key outcomes achieved include increased conversions, click-through rates and improved revenue generation.
  • The number of conversions skyrocketed from 164 to 466—an impressive growth of 302 conversions. Strategic campaign optimisations and refined targeting contributed significantly to this substantial increase in conversions. Keep in mind that 164 conversions were not the real ones.
  • The number of clicks on Word Clock’s website experienced a substantial boost, surging from 1,100 to 50,700. This 46-fold increase in click-through rates demonstrates our successful efforts in attracting high-quality traffic to the client’s website.
  • Despite an expected decrease in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) from 384 to 5.25, the generated revenue surged. Data-driven optimisations and refined conversion tracking contributed to a significant revenue increase from 17k to an impressive 123k—a growth of 105k.

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