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9 Content Marketing Trends for 2020

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the practice of creating valuable and relevant content with the aim of attracting an audience and turning them into customers.

It proved to be more effective than traditional marketing, hence why it’s so popular and used so often.

If you aren’t convinced about the effectiveness of this marketing strategy, there are plenty of famous brands that used it to gain sales and leads.

Some of them are Toshiba, American Express, Intel, and Coca Cola.

Statistics show that content marketing gets 3x more leads than paid advertising, and 55% of marketers say that creating content for blogs is their biggest marketing priority.

So, today we will talk about the significance of content marketing and content marketing trends for 2020.

content marketing trends in 2020 - writing content - content creation
Content marketing remains one of the most effective marketing strategies | Source

Why is content marketing better than traditional marketing?

Times are changing, and so is marketing. Traditional marketing isn’t personalized and doesn’t allow contact with the customers, which is a huge disadvantage.

Some forms of traditional marketing include printed media, such as magazines, newspapers, and fliers, advertizing via phone calls or telemarketing, billboards, and maybe the most popular type: TV ads.

The fact that TV advertising is the most popular type of traditional marketing immediately makes us realize why traditional marketing is slowing down. Especially younger generations aren’t watching TV anymore because of the rise of streaming services and unskippable TV ads.

Traditional marketing just isn’t the number 1 marketing choice anymore, especially for brands whose audience is young people. Instead, they’re choosing other marketing strategies that enable them to interact with their customers and form a relationship with them.

Content marketing is one of those strategies.

streaming and content
More and more people are using their TVs to watch streaming services, not television | Source

What are the benefits of content marketing?

As already mentioned, it allows businesses to connect with their customers.

By creating content that is relevant and useful to people, businesses encourage them to comment on said content and share it with other people who might find it relevant, as well.

This gives the business an opportunity to talk to the readers in the comments, to respond to their questions and to have discussions with them.

This not only helps with brand awareness but also spreads word of your business and helps convince people to buy something from you.

Content marketing and social media

Content marketing is directly related to social media marketing because you can post and share your content on your social media profiles.

This provides you with additional platforms where you can interact with your customers, both publicly in the comments and privately, in the direct messages.

By having social media accounts, you’re enabling people to ask you questions, to which you can respond as quickly as possible, which further cements your relationship with your customer, makes them trust you more and come back for more of your products and services.

social media content marketing 2020
Social media is a great place for sharing your content | Source

By constantly creating content that people find useful and interesting, you’re nurturing your current customers and attracting new ones.

Also, another benefit of content marketing is that it helps with your search engine page ranking, which enables even more people to find you.

It is through content that people find websites, and afterward decide to give them a chance and press the call-to-action buttons, either the newsletter signup one or the purchase one.

In 2020, content is still king and search engines still love original and useful content.

What are the characteristics of good content marketing?

Before we get into content marketing trends, let’s look at what characterizes good content marketing.

Like all skills, learning content marketing is hard. The reason why it’s so effective is because a lot of work and thought go into it.

By using videos, images and articles, businesses are helping their customers and creating a trusting relationship with them.

Just think about it: are you more likely to buy from someone you’ve never heard of or from a business who provided you with numerous useful solutions to your problems?

Types of content marketing

When it comes to written content, there’s the title of the article, which needs to capture interest without being clickbait-y, the content, which needs to be optimized and informative, and the form, which needs to make sense to the reader and make their reading experience as easy and pleasant as possible.

When it comes to videos, they need to be filmed as professionally as possible, have good sound and explanations, be informative and solve the problem in the simplest way that anyone can follow.  

content marketing in 2020 - youtube for content marketing
YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, use this to your advantage | Source

Other content marketing forms include images and posts on social media. They can be either funny or informative.

It’s a common and effective title tactic for both videos and written content to include words such as guide, free, tutorial, tips, x steps, ideas, examples, etc.

The most important things about content marketing are its usefulness and delivering on what you promised to the readers/viewers.

Now that we’ve seen what content marketing is and its benefits, let’s take a look at the content marketing trends for 2020. In the following paragraph, there will be the word of all kinds of content marketing, as well as the content itself.

Content marketing trends in 2020

  1. Sharing on social media platforms
  2. Podcasts
  3. Improving content experience
  4. Live video streams
  5. Instagram carousel posts
  6. User-generated content
  7. Visual data
  8. Google snippets
  9. Natural language and voice search

1. Sharing on social media platforms

The number of social media users grows by the day. In 2018, there were 2.65 billion people using social media, and it is estimated that the number will grow to 3.1 billion in 2021.

We already mentioned how important it is to share your content on social media. It allows you to present it to people who are following you, who can then share it with people who have never heard of your business.

Aside from the massive possible reach, content getting shared on social media enables the so very important aforementioned interaction with followers, which allows you to nurture the relationship you have with the current readers and customers, and to reach out to new ones.

2. Podcasts

podcast for content marketing
Podcast popularity has been steadily increasing in the last decade | Source

Podcasts have become very popular in recent years and now, they’re one of the most popular content marketing trends, as well.

They’re pretty convenient: not only because they’re informative, but because they allow us to get informed while on the go. People listen to podcasts while taking walks, driving, and walking on treadmills. They’re also pretty great if you need something to fall asleep to.

They can be about literally anything: entertainment, history, sports, books, and maybe most importantly, industries and the events related to them.

More and more businesses are creating podcasts where they discuss what is currently happening in the industry they’re part of. The format is very attractive: they star well-informed people who sit down and have friendly discussions about the current news and trends.

Producing a podcast can be quite expensive because of quality audio equipment, but if you have a huge following, it pays off. You can always ask your readers and followers whether they would be interested in hearing your podcast and you can record a few to see how they do.

3. Improve content experience

Content experience is the way your content is structured, presented, but also the way your visitors interact with your content.

When we say that content experience involves the way the content is structured and presented, we’re talking about a number of different things.

Firstly, it is important that the layout of your content looks good because statistics show that 38% of people stop engaging with a website if the layout doesn’t look appealing.

easy to navigate website for content marketing
Make your website easy to navigate and content easy to read | Source

To make sure the layout of your content doesn’t scare people away, you can add images to make the reading easier on people’s eyes, and add headings and subheadings where needed (to create breaks in the text and make reading easier). You can also add lists to simplify information and make it easier to digest.

4. Live video streams

Live video streams are becoming more and more popular by the day and owe the popularity of social media. They’re one of the most recent content marketing trends and will be one of the main ones in 2020.

Some digital marketing experts even say that live video is a must-have for marketers.

The reason for this is that video is by far both the most popular and most effective type of content when it comes to marketing. There’s a reason why YouTube and TikTok are so popular.

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world (right after Google) and TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform yet.

The reason why digital marketing experts see livestreams as a crucial strategy is because it enables businesses to connect with customers directly and in real-time. It also allows companies to show the so-called human factor and prove that they’re much more than just a name.

You can livestream on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram | Source

In live streams, there are no scripts, thus enabling more natural conversations.

Livestreams can be Q&A, where people ask questions and you respond or vice versa, they can be streams of presentations, announcements, events, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and so on.

Use this content marketing trend to maximize interaction with your customers and to show them how genuine your business is and how it works.

If you haven’t heard of the carousel type of post, it is basically a slideshow of photos. It’s great for all of those who find that one image is not enough to transfer the message they want to convey.

When it comes to businesses, the carousel post allows them to share multiple photos of the same product and show it off in different lights, environments, and angles.

It’s also great for showing behind-the-scenes and before and after photos, pictures with different filters, positive product reviews, outtakes, recaps, and many more.

It’s great when you don’t want to spam people and upload 10 photos at once.

6. User-generated content

User-generated content is great because it gives you a break from creating content and also allows you to feature your loyal customers.

By doing that, you’re showing your potential customers how much you value your relationship with your current customers and how important they are to you.

Combine user-generated content with aforementioned carousel posts and you’ll be using two content marketing trends at once.

7. Visual data

We already mentioned how important the content experience is. Visual data is a content marketing trend that can drastically improve the content experience and contribute to the good appearance of content.

If you have Photoshop or another editing program, you can use the data you have to create graphics which will not only make your content prettier but will also make the information easier to understand and digest.

Some websites even create entire articles in image form, giving each paragraph different colors and including cool graphics.

8. Google snippets

You know when you google a question and near the top, you get an answer in a rectangle? That’s a Google snippet and is what every business that publishes content aspires to have.

If you wonder why that is, the answer is that Google snippets provide a huge amount of traffic to a website. They provide useful and accurate information to whatever people are looking up, and most importantly, it’s a really fast way of obtaining information.

Since they provide useful information to people, they will click the snippet to learn more. It’s a free website promotion and lead generation tactic, so make sure to optimize your content for Google snippets.

This involves giving useful information, answering questions, and including relevant keywords and a lot of details.  

meta example and content marketing
Here’s a bit of a meta example

Voice search is another content marketing trend that is on the rise.

People are tired of typing and they just don’t have the time for it anymore. Instead, they’re using voice search and using the time they would have spent on typing for more useful action.

You can do a number of things to optimize for voice search. Read your content out loud and make sure it sounds natural. Avoid using complicated language and long and over-complicated phrases that no one knows.

Additionally, where you can, use long keywords and questions as titles, because this is how we speak.

When talking to a voice assistant, people aren’t saying ‘content marketing’. Instead, they’re forming questions as if talking to human and saying ‘what is content marketing’ or ‘Alexa, show me examples of content marketing’.

In the second example, the keyword would be ‘examples of content marketing’, a longtail keyword, one of the most important things about voice search optimization.

voice search and content marketing
Make use of the voice search trend and optimize your content for it | Source


Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies, even more effective than traditional marketing. It allows for more personalized ads and gives businesses a chance to connect with their customers and form lasting relationships with them.

Content marketing trends for 2020 are numerous. They include social media aspects, such as sharing on social media platforms and Instagram carousel posts, as well as audio and video content like podcasts and livestreams.

Other content marketing trends include visual data, user-generated content, Google snippets and optimization for voice search.

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Hopefully this article has given you some insight into content marketing and thank you for reading!

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