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Your Business Is Desperate For Instagram!

Isn’t the most important thing in business developing new skills and tactics? And even with those skills, sometimes it’s too hard.

Have you found yourself in the sentence above?

Let’s give you an example.

Several years before, you decided to enter an undiscovered field, the field of Social Media. And you learned everything you could about Facebook and how it works, read a ton of blogs about Facebook advertising, building your business profile, creating the base of potential and existing customers through Facebook… And everything WORKED PERFECTLY!

And after learning and developing the skills for Facebook Business marketing, last year you started to feel that the revenue from Facebook started decreasing, it doesn’t feel the same now as it did before.

After talking with other business owners you found out they came to the same conclusion – the revenue generated through Facebook advertising has indeed decreased.


Instagram for business

91% of brands use 2 or more social media platforms

Instagram for business – that is why

Instagram for business?

Social media networks are some of the most powerful business tools, if not the most powerful. Almost everyone today has a social media account, and most people even have multiple. Even if you don’t use ad campaigns, simply having an account for your business can work wonders.

In the recent years, people have started moving from Facebook to Instagram, so here’s some Instagram facts:

  1. Out of 800 million accounts, 500 million people are active every day! Isn’t that fantastic, and at the same time scary?! You literally can reach 500 million users every day – if you know how to use Instagram!
  2. Over 70% of U.S. companies use Instagram for marketing campaigns, which tells you a lot about how big Instagram is.
  3. 60 percent of users say that they found out a new product or service on this platform!

This means that if you don’t use Instagram for your business, you miss out on the (free) opportunity to reach more than half of your potential customers. Create an account today and put your business out there!

Instagram on iPhone

95 million photos are uploaded daily on Instagram

And we all know that bitter phrase: businesses which don’t expand will eventually fail.

So if you want to increase your revenue, increase your presence on Instagram. Here are five more short and easy-to-implement Instagram tips:

  • Use #hashtags
  • Write story-telling descriptions on photos
  • Use Emoticons
  • Make your pictures clear with higher contrast
  • Post between 6 PM and 10 PM

If you want more people to hear about you and your product/service on Instagram, we can help you with that. You can sleep better knowing that your business is in safe hands.

Do you want to know how to start an Instagram page for your business? We can create a stunning Instagram page for your business, just shoot us a message through our social networks, e-mail us, or give us a call! Feel free to reach out any time, so we can make your business stand out in the crowd, too.

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