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What do you do when you have a novel online business idea? You make sure that as many people as possible hear about it. The same was with the crew from Aktivni Turizam, a group of adventurous nature aficionados who wanted to make a living from what they loved doing.

    Aktivni Turizam
    Design, Development, SEO
Case study

This website is a place where all people looking to spend their holidays in an active way gather and find a lot of useful information (and places) where to spend their next holiday.

The project was truly complex as it contains a lot of moving parts as well as an extensive backend segment.
While the backend segment is complex, in order to fulfill the demands of our client’s customers, the design itself is one of the best ones we’ve ever done, thanks to its captivating simplicity. The color palette, careful negative space usage, and advanced CSS animation techniques truly brought to life the vision that Aktivni Turizam crew had in mind for the website.

We are still to this day cooperating with Aktivni Turizam, providing most of the services they need in order to remain the Balkans foremost meeting place for active tourism aficionados and we are more than glad to bring their idea into reality and more importantly, the spotlight that they deserve.

Design solution